Medicines5 Challenges Doctors Face Writing Online Prescriptions

5 Challenges Doctors Face Writing Online Prescriptions

Everything today is moving to the digital space, and you need to be part of the space if you are to make any difference. You even have to deal with e-prescription as even doctors are moving online. But several challenges come with it for the doctors – and patients. Several benefits come with everything, and that also comes with several cons too. The challenges can be fatal to some of the patients seen by the same doctors. Below are some of the challenges they face when you get prescriptions from online doctors – most of them are easily avoidable. Online prescriptions have caused many problems in society. One of the most common problems caused by these types of prescriptions is addiction. Many people are abusing these online services by faking serious symptoms in order to get stronger prescription drugs. This is extremely dangerous due to the fact that most of these people ultimately become drug addicts. Even though recovering from drug addiction isn’t easy, if you are one of these people get help ASAP. The quicker you seek treatment the quicker you will get back to your normal life.

Cost Disadvantage

Doctors have to deal with several costs of setting up before offering any online prescription. They also have to deal with various fees that come with using the service. This cost can, at times, be trickled down to the customer, which can hurt service delivery. When dealing with prices, some of the bigger pharmacies can negotiate the fees for online prescriptions. On the other hand, small pharmacies don’t have the options that can strain the doctor. Maintenance, too, is something of a cost disadvantage to deal with. 


With tech, inaccuracies can happen, and dealing with them for online prescriptions can challenge the doctor. These aren’t quite common, but they can happen at any time. When they occur and the patients get the wrong care, it can be problematic. Most of the time, when inaccuracies happen, they are more about system failures. 

Software Issues

With tech, you will deal with several software issues. And this has nothing to do with the doctor; they can be bugs from the system or other types of problems. Things will quickly go from bad to worse when the system isn’t correctly maintained. This is where some of the inaccuracies can happen, affecting the type of service delivery to the patient. Design issues can also be challenging as some designs aren’t user-friendly. As a result, doctors may struggle to get the proper form of administering the prescription. 

Delivery Problems

When doctors give care, they want the very best for their patients, and if drugs aren’t delivered on time, it will hamper care. One of the problems with e-prescription is delivery can be delayed. The problems that come from this place are from technical failures – most of them are dues to poor equipment service. Maintenance of these systems comes at a cost, and that’s a challenge to most doctors. 

Communication Breakdown

If there’s one issue that doctors have to deal with regarding e-prescription, it has to be communication. This isn’t just about doctor-patient communication, but the communication with insurance companies.

This can present some issues regarding service delivery, and patients will suffer in the end. But, on the flip side, when the systems work smoothly, the whole concept is easy to manage.


With online prescriptions, doctors have several challenges as much as benefits. Most of the difficulties will hinder care, and at times the costs are the ones that challenge the doctors. These are some of the challenges doctors face when writing online prescriptions.

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