Alkasol Syrup: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Price & Dosages

alkasol Syrup

Alkasol syrup is a combination of medicines used for the treatment of kidney stones and gout issues. It helps in preventing kidney stones and gout attacks by stopping the production of uric acid in the body.

NameAlkasol Syrup
PriceRs. 89.55
Composition/SaltDisodium Hydrogen (citric acid), Disodium Hydrogen Citrate

Here is what you should know before using Alkasol syrup:

Uses and Benefits of Alkasol Syrup:

This syrup can be used to treat gout and kidney issues. Below we have mentioned the benefits of alcohol in each condition.

In Treatment of Gout

Gout is q condition in which too much uric acid is being released by the body. When the amount of uric acid increases beyond usual levels it causes gout. Due to increased levels of uric acid, crystals began to form around the kidney and certain joints which results in severe pain warmth, redness, and swelling. Alkasol syrup helps in preventing the formation of such crystals by reducing the uric acid in the blood. This reduces the chances of all these symptoms and makes them milder if you are going through them. It is a long-term medication that takes time to completely heal your body.

In Treatment of Kidney stone

It helps in the prevention of stone-forming in your kidney. It breaks up tiny stones before they are starting to form. It helps in forming a protective coating on the existing to prevent other particles from sticking to it and making it bigger.

You should combine citrus-rich food to reap the best benefit from this syrup.

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Side Effects of Alkasol Syrup:

As your body adjusts to the medicine all the side effects will begin to fade without any medical attention. So, here are some of the side effects that Alkasol syrup can cause:

  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Vomiting

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Common Dosage of Alkasol Syrup:

The dosage levels of the Alkasol syrup on the condition of the patient. Factors such as age, weight, physical condition, and prior medical history also of huge importance. That is why you should only consume it under the proper guidance of a medical expert.

Below we have given some of the common dosages of this medicine to give your idea:

The recommended dosage for adults is 15 ml per dose three times a day

For kids between 7-12 years, 5 ml dosage 2 to 3 times a day will suffice.

The dosage for infants needs to be checked with a pediatrician.

Missed dose: In your case, you missed a dose of Alkasol syrup you should consume it as soon as you get the chance. However, if the time for the next dose is not much you should continue with your regular dosage.

Overdose: You should never take this syrup more than the suggested dosage because doing so will not help in your existing problem and also cause some unwanted side effects. You should consult your doctor right away if you overdosed on Alkasol syrup.

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Composition and Nature of Alkasol Syrup:

Each 5 ml dose of the syrup has 1.4 g of disodium hydrogen citrate, which after investing creates sodium bicarbonate in the blood. This helps in the production of bicarbonate ions that helps in restoring the pH level of the blood.

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Price Table:

You will get a 100 ml bottle of alcohol syrup at 89.55 INR at any medical store in India.

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How to Use?

As we have mentioned above, after ingestion the disodium Hydrogen Citrate is digested it turns into sodium bicarbonate in the blood which in turn becomes free bicarbonate ions. This bicarbonate maintains the pH level of blood by taking it back to 7.42. The extra bicarbonate ions are produced to pass the body through urine and into alkaline.

How it works?

You should consume alcohol syrup as directed by your doctor. We do not by any means endorse self-medication as there can be plenty of side effects of this medicine if not taken properly.

When it is prescribed?

It is usually prescribed in the conditions of severe symptoms of kidney stones and gout. It is also prescribed to those who wish to prevent the growth of kidney stones and get rid of them without surgery.

When to avoid?

If the patient is pregnant or planning to get pregnant shortly in the future them, they should avoid consuming Alkasol syrup. You should consult your doctor to get expert advice on the matter.

Patients suffering from major bacterial infections should avoid this medicine.  

Patients with cardiac problems or congestive heart failure history should avoid using this syrup.

Patients suffering from dehydration should avoid using this medicine and if they must proper electrolyte monitoring is recommended.

Mothers who are breastfeeding their child or lactating should avoid the use of Alkasol syrup.

If the patient is allergic to any of the ingredients utilized in the production of this medicine then they should avoid it.


Q1. Can Alkasol syrup be consumed during pregnancy?

Ans: No, you should avoid using Alkasol Syrup during pregnancy. However, if you want you can consult your doctor.

Q2. Can I take Alkasol syrup with a monocle tablet?

Ans: If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection then you can take this syrup with monocefo tablet.

Q3. Are there any foods that I should avoid while using Alkasol Syrup?

Ans: There are no food restrictions during the usage of this medicine. However, you will need to abstain from alcohol consumption throughout its use.

Q4. How to store Alkasol Syrup bottles?

Ans: You should store it in a dry and cool place after the seal is broken. You should store it in an airtight container.

Q5. Is Alkasol syrup addictive in nature?

Ans: All the medicines that are addictive in nature are classified in list H or X in India. So, patients are asked to check the label of medicine before consuming it.

Q6. Is it safe to consume Alkasol syrup by lactating women?

Ans: Unless necessary Alkasol consumption should be avoided by lactating women. However, if you are experiencing problems you can consult your doctor.

Q7. What is the medicine used to treat?

Ans: Uric acid stones, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, burning micturition are some of the problems that can be solved through the consumption of Alkasol syrup.

Q8. What are the side-effects of Alkasol syrup?

Ans: We have written all the side effects in the side effect section above.

Q9. What precautions should be taken before taking Alkasol syrup?

Ans: You should inform your doctor about any of the medical conditions you have before you start consuming this medicine.

Q10. Do I need to get medical help?

Ans: No, you don’t need medical help. However, in case of an overdose of this medicine, you should get medical help.

Disclaimer: AlDoctor doesn’t endorse or take any guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of information provided under this article and these are the views strictly of the writer. Readers are supposed to consult with their respective doctors before taking any medicine.


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