MedicinesAptivate Syrup: View Uses, Side Effects, Price, Dosage, Composition and Substitutes

Aptivate Syrup: View Uses, Side Effects, Price, Dosage, Composition and Substitutes

What is Aptivate Syrup?

Aptivate 10 MI Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine that holds its importance in maintaining health . Various variants of this product are available in the market. The salts Focrorhiza Valgare + Cuminum cyminum are involved in the preparation of Aptivate Syrup.

It is generally used for the treatment of appetite- deprived person, a disorder relating to improper digestion and functioning of the body. 

It is Sold in the Form of Liquid Phase.

Referring to recent records, this product has been bought by around 3500 people recently.It is manufactured by Lupin Ltd. It has been scientifically proven that this medicine plays crucial role in increasing human immune response as well as it boosts will of a person.Being very efficient medicine , this should be taken by the advice of consulting physician as it’s dosage depends on various factors which includes:

  • Patient’s age
  • Patient’s gender
  • Patients suffering from any disorder or any past history

In short,correct dosage must be followed.


These are the essential ingredients used in the formation of Aptivate:


  • It’s a kind of drug that gives negative feedback in the bacterial growth.
  • Improved appetite is seen by the usage of this ingredient in medicine 
  • Effective role in immune response of system.
  • Improves digestion as well 
  • Used as anaemic antibiotics
  • Reduces stress .
  • Improves the functioning of visceral organs such as the liver.
  • Treats chronic fever


  • Eliminate excess gastrointestinal problems.
  • Gives soothing effect in stomach 
  • Disinfectant (kills a drug or an agent that kills microbes by stopping the rapid multiplication)


  • Induces Haemoglobin and Red Blood Cell(RBC)
  • Aid in food absorption
  • Antianaemic


  • Inhibits the parasital effect on the human body, mainly intestinal tract.
  • Disinfectant (kills a drug or an agent that kills microbes by stopping the rapid multiplication)


  • Stimultaes appetite 
  • Used in the treatment of ‘anorexia nervosa’ An eating disorder causing people to obsess about weight and what they is a chronic disease.
  • Significant role in increasing the amount of gastric juices in the human system.


  • Removes cell damage
  • Agent used in the reduction of bloating of cells(swollen cells)
  • Significance in increasing the amount of gastric juices in the human system.
  • Maintains pH range(1.5-2.0)


  • Scavengers of singlet oxygen molecules in the body 
  • Drugs that help in improving urine excretion from the body 
  • Aid in maintaining functions of visceral organs.

Saunf :

  • It acts as a diuretic
  • relieves bowel irritation, constipation, cough and cold.
  • It can also prevent cancer and strengthen your heart and immunity.


  • It contains vitamin C and helps prevent heart attack and hypertension
  • stimulates hair growth, helps in building body strength and acts as an antioxidant.

Saunf :

  • It is used to treat Renal Calculi(kidney stones)
  • Used to treat intestinal ache
  • Treats toothache
  • Treats eczema (itchy inflammation of the skin)
  • Treats bleeding and irregular menstruation cycles
  • Treats arthritis (inflammation of joints)
  • Helps reduce weight 

Aptivate Syrup Benefits:

This product is used in following aspects: 

• Commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of stimulation of appetite

• Relieves in congestion

• Destroys intestinal worms 

• Destroys intestinal gastric disorders

• Provides healthy immune response to the human system

• Anti-anaemic syrup

• Improves proper functioning of visceral organs such as liver.

• Helps in increasing appetite in underweight children.

• In addition, the syrup also helps in the emptying of the stomach. 

• Useful for fussy eaters

Aptivate Syrup Uses:

Being a medical aspirant, According to my studies every patient requires treatment according to their case as every patient and their case is different so for sure dosage will depend on the kind of disorder a person is suffering from.

Dosage Can Be Prescribed in Given Below Order:

Aptivate Syrup for Adults:

General – use prescribed amounts of dose as suggested by the consultation with the physician.

Before or after a meal- it should be taken before meals.

Maximum dosage – 2 teaspoon full

Route of dosage should be oral.

Frequency of dosage – twice a day

Aptivate Syrup Dosage for Child:

1 teaspoon full before every meal

• Recommended to consume 30 minutes before every meal.

Note: dosage can vary among different age groups (paedics to old-age)

Aptivate Syrup Side Effects:

In medical literature no effective side effects are seen but be aware of usage .

Here are some Lil bit side effects associated with this syrup when taken improperly.

• Acidity(excess of acid / gastric problem)

• Gives burning sensation

• Mouth ulcers

Safety Measures:

• Store it in a cool and dry place ,away from sunlight

• Close the container tightly

• Do not exceed recommended dosage

• Consult your doctor before giving dose to children 


This medicine plays a vital role in maintaining the healthy dietary provides sufficient vitamins and also prevents chronic disorders related gastrointestinal problems.This medicine is scientifically proven that this is 90 percent contributed of organic materials which have their own significance.This also fulfils blood supplements including RBCs( Red blood cells) and formation of platelets and maintains Haemoglobin as well .

This can be consumed by any age group but amount of dosage varies among different age groups.

This medicine also maintains human immune response which is also a very crucial part of our daily life.

This product has Significance in all aspects , maintains blood level, pH range of gastric juices and intestinal juices, anti-anaemic, and maintains regular menses. 

In this way , we can conclude this medicine is scientifically perfect if consumed in the proper way.


Q. Is the use of Aptivate safe for pregnant ladies?

• No research ensures security regarding the safety of Aptivate for pregnant women.this is not certified for the safety or securance of pregnancy.

Q. What is the purpose of Aptivate 10 MI syrup?

• Aptivate Syrup is used for stimulating appetite, it promotes digestion, relieves congestion, destroys intestinal worms and gas.

Q.How much syrup comes in the bottle?

• Various variants are marketed .175ml,200 ml and 450 ml of bottle sizes are available in the market 

Q. Does it contain paraben?

• Yes , this medicine contains paraben.

Q.Does this medicine contain sugar?

• Yes,sugar is part of this medicine .If someone is having blood glucose problems,children are referred to consult a doctor before consumption.

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