HealthAre stainless steel crowns necessary for baby teeth?

Are stainless steel crowns necessary for baby teeth?


The baby tooth comes across challenging conditions when growing out of the gums. It has to survive the two to twelve years of age in the oral cavity. During which-poor dental care, accidents and infections are at the highest. The solution to such issues is provided by the seating of pediatric stainless steel crowns. The tiny tooth is sometimes not in the condition of being supported by the dental filling. The stainless steel crown in that situation comes to the rescue, to cover the decay treated tooth. It becomes a huge responsibility to check for signs of dental decay daily. Feeding habits and baby tooth’s structure are constantly under the lens to make sure they grow properly and do not succumb to infections, which are on the rise amongst babies as young as the two year olds.

The steel paediatric crowns cost about $400-$1000. The cost varies from one tooth to the other. The amount of material used, technology deployed to get the precise shapes makes it uniquely designed and priced. The molars are mostly chosen from them, as they last longer and remain anchored to the baby tooth until it matures to fall off on its own. The front teeth are usually seated with the white porcelain and ceramic crowns for the treatment to look as natural as possible and these cost higher than the SSC beginning with $600-$3000.

The stainless steel crowns for children’s teeth are safe for their health and certainly necessary when it’s health is compromised. This crown’s durable nature and nominal costs makes it the favourite choice of the paediatric dentists as well as the parents. Their colour makes them desirable only for the molars. They can do wonders for the molar and premolar baby tooth-

  • Add strength to the frail primary tooth
  • Seals out the germ and infection causing elements
  • Inhibits the deposit of germs and food sediment as they are repelled by the smooth surface of the metal alloy
  • Extends the life of the baby tooth in the oral cavity
  • Broken and chipped tooth is reconstructed until it’s maturity
  • Secures the tooth space from being exposed to the adjacent tooth structures which push in
  • The stainless steel crown pediatrically are the perfect casts of the baby tooth which are available in customised and trimmable versions
  • Helps in the production of sound and speech. Thus aids in the development of the faculty of language and speech development through imitation
  • The stainless steel crowns are used as temporary crowns until the white crowns made from porcelain and dental grade ceramics are readied

These and many more benefits could be reaped with the seating of stainless steel pediatric crowns. They are easy to install on any tooth under consideration. The only delay is to find the perfect fit by trying one by one from the set of these available with the paediatric dentists. Then the crown is seated with dental cement. The procedure is conducted by isolating the tooth and numbing that region. 

Procedure of Seating the SSC

  • Numbing the roots and surrounding nerves of the tooth infested with cavity
  • Isolating the tooth with a rubber dam and dental tools to open up the mouth
  • Removal of the decayed portion
  • Cleansing the tooth and surrounding region 
  • Shaping the tooth structure which is now rid of the decay
  • Trying the probable crowns on and arriving at the best suited one
  • Using the dental cement to seat the crown
  • Removal of the excess dental cement

Just like their installation, their removal is also easy. They either fall off with the baby tooth to grant way to the adult tooth. If temporarily seated, then the dentist can remove it from the tooth and substitute it with a more appealing crown of choice. The dental adhesive is broken quickly with the mastered efforts of dentistry tools. It takes no more than a few minutes and the temporary crown is out of the oral cavity. Then the concerned tooth is cleansed to prepare it for the seating of the appropriate crown. This happens in case of the front tooth on which the white crowns are seated after the temporary treatment with the SSC. 

The delicate nature of the ever evolving baby tooth makes it necessary to go with crowns that are light in nature for all it should not trigger pain and irritation. The crowning is the only safeguard against further escalation of tooth decay. Apart from dental filling that targets the affected area only, the dental crown keeps the entire exposed both of the primary tooth from being vulnerable at its weakest times. Sometimes gentical defects can cause weak and disorganised tooth growth and lapse in its structure. All this can be addressed easily with a dental crown.

What kind of foods are safe for the steel crown?

There are certain kinds of food items to be scared of, with  stainless steel crown teeth protections. Too much chewy and gummy food might alter the crown seating and even dislodge them in certain cases. So there is no hard and fast rule, but sugars are to be limited for the safety of your crown along with the other tooth structures. With the stainless steel crowns on your kid can have almost all that they love yet with quick checks if it could be harmful for them. So no pity party for your young one! Only bashful times with their favourite cuisines is reliable with the seating of the stainless steel crowns. 

The habit of sucking and biting hard into different objects must be revoked in the child’s habits if any. This can cut down the risk of developing caries and degrading enamel layers of the teeth. Regular brushing both day and night is always a challenging task to begin with but eventually due to habit formation, it keeps the oral cavity from plunging in the mire of decay cycles.


The stainless steel crowns are necessary for the baby tooth in times of emergencies such as tooth decay, accidentally breaking and hindering the tooth structure. Deformity and glitches with the tooth structure too invites dental supervision through the seating of corrective crowns.

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