BusinessBubbler Pipes- Popular Types and Their Features

Bubbler Pipes- Popular Types and Their Features

Smoking pipes have become a popular leisure activity nowadays, as people find the perfect mix of relief and entertainment. Bubbler pipe, a single-piece bong and bowl hybrid, is mainly used for smoking dry herbs. It differs from other standard ones because the water chamber acts as the cooling mechanism for the smoke.

Because of the design, they offer unique benefits and are different in terms of experience. They are portable, handy, and allow direct airflow, which pumps up the fun quotient. Also, when you go for a hit, you can see the smoke fill up the chamber. Along with that, they allow a different taste experience when compared to other pipe varieties.

Popular Types and Attributes

A bubbler pipe comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on its usability and design. However, the simple and sometimes amusing designs fall under four primary categories, which have been discussed below:   

Hammer Bubblers

They are often considered the best bubbler variety to get their name from their hammer-like shape. These portable designs usually have more space in water chambers, allowing better percolators. They sport a wide bowl and a water chamber that forms their head, allowing better stability. Also, because of the thick glass design, they will not roll around and be a mess. 

This easy-to-use and durable variety provide added filtration while inhaling. Famous for the soothing and cooling sensation in every hit, hammered ones are a must-have. Moreover, this flavorful smoking mechanism has color-mixing features inside the chamber for a spectacular visual effect.    

Twisted Bubblers

Get a unique experience and immense attention with this stunning twisted fumed tool. Its switchback design on its body looks nice and is an eye-catcher. With a decent height, this beauty is handmade using high-quality borosilicate glass for longer life. Fumed with 0.999 fine silver, its color-changing twist leaves an impression every time you have a puff.      

Despite its design, its users have not found it fragile at all. Moreover, its loopy design with a deep cup has relaxed many with a cool long draw. This super smooth product fits comfortably in hand with a feel like a wine bottle.

Double Bubblers

Imagine two bubblers melted into one, with two water tanks and two percolators, and the result is a double bubbler. In it, two separate chambers are connected through a bridge that allows smoke to pass. Because of their unique design and features, they are much smoother and cleaner than the Sherlock bubblers. 

Given the smooth experience and puff they offer, the complexity of cleaning and instability features goes to the lower side. After all, it requires effort if one aspires to taste twice the cool and smooth hits. 

Upright Bubblers

These tall bubbles with tubing are fitted with fission downstem to diffuse smoke through water to prevent damage. Made with superior-quality borosilicate glass, they look cleaner and are meant to last long. They come with a carb on the left side, for you can enjoy your puffs. 

To provide extra comfort, it comes with a lip wrap, which you can use for longer. Its angled mouthpiece acts as a splashguard. No accessories are needed to use these bubblers, making them a perfect ready-to-go item. It’s best to use them with approximately 1.5 inches of water to have a rejuvenating hit every time.  

Bottom Line 

For smokers, bubblers are excellent tools with stunning visuals and groovy designs. They are portable to carry yet, similar to the functionality of the traditional bongs. Visit some dedicated and informative online portals to know more about the bubbler varieties and features. You can get familiar with their easy usage, uniqueness, and the enjoyment and excitement they bring. 

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