HealthCandy Gummies For Relaxation 

Candy Gummies For Relaxation 

In a world filled with the constant buzz of technology, minor worries, and significant outside stressors, it can be hard to find a moment’s peace, a fragment of time where our minds aren’t being bombarded by some form of stressful situation. As a result, our body’s knee-jerk reaction is to go into fight or flight mode, a coping mechanism it has used since the dawn of time. This leads to increased heart rate and breathing, muscle tension, and even difficulty concentrating as our main focus becomes ‘survival’ and escape from the perceived threat.

Stress, Caveman Style!

Rewind a few million years, and this response was ideal for the humble caveman living without security cameras, burglar alarms, and a decent, lockable front door. How on earth did he sleep at night? Instead, he had to contend with the threat of wild animals wanting to eat him and a terrible lack of security with only a crudely fashioned club to protect himself and his family. No wonder, when faced with a hungry beast, his heart raced, and his muscles tensed in preparation to run like the blazes for higher ground! 

You might think this sounds like the average Friday night in a large city center; fortunately, however marginally it may seem, life has progressed! 

Unfortunately, although we no longer live in caves, wear skins and run from the local saber-tooth tiger, our bodies coping skills are still in the proverbial dark ages. This means we still react to stress in the same way our caveman family members did, which isn’t very helpful when faced with stressors such as the commute to work, family or financial pressures, or even illness. 

Add to this pressure the constant bombardment of social media and technology, and you have modern mans’ shopping list of stressors that have taken the place of that dinner-seeking kitty!

Unfortunately, no amount of club waving, yelling, and dancing madly around the campfire at night will get that traffic jam moving, fire your mean boss or cure your financial woes. Instead, it might grant you a  personal visit from the local neighborhood watch, which, trust us, isn’t the positive result you need! In fact, it will probably result in more stress – epic fail! 

Modern Mans’ Hacks For Dealing With Stress

So how can we manage our stress and incorporate a little relaxation into our modern chaotic lives? The answer is simple: learning some handy relaxation techniques and munching on some tasty Troop candy gummies! 

First, let’s look at some relaxation techniques you can incorporate into your daily life, and then we shall dive into the wonderful world of tasty Troop candy gummies. 

Relaxation Techniques 

  • Focused Breathing

Find a quiet spot to sit, close your eyes and focus on taking long, slow, measured breaths. Focused breathing provides more oxygen to the brain, your pulse will slow, and your body will relax. Start by inhaling for the count of four and then exhaling for the count of four. 

  • Muscle Relaxation 

Follow the above steps for focused breathing and concentrate on relaxing each muscle group from your toes working up to your head. As a result, your heart rate and breathing will slow down to a more relaxed pace, and you will feel more in tune with your body. 

  • Listen To Music

Listening to slow, relaxing music reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and tension levels. 

  • Walk In Nature

Disconnecting from the source of your stress by taking a break/walking in nature provides your body and mind with the opportunity to relax and unwind. It even boosts creativity! 

  • Candy Gummies 

Eating Troop candy gummies infused with the amazing health benefits of shroom-power is an excellent way to enhance relaxation, cope with stress, and support a calmer, more relaxed, happier you! Here’s how! 

Troop Candy Gummies For Relaxation

Used in Asian medicine for centuries, the Reishi mushroom is a natural stress soother. It aids in helping the body respond positively to stress by calming the central nervous system and helping the body relax. Troop Reishi candy gummies are infused with the Reishi mushroom fruit body (Ganoderma lucidum) – yum! 

The first thing to suffer when struggling to relax is our ability to concentrate and focus. The Lions Mane mushroom is infamous for its cognitive health benefits, supporting brain health and promoting mental clarity and brain function. This shroom also enhances memory and boosts energy levels, perfect for when modern-day saber-tooth tigers (daily stressors) start prowling! 

Sometimes one mushroom just won’t do, especially in the case of our Super Troop candy gummies. Infused with not one but six different mushroom-fruiting bodies, these gummies are the ultimate solution for keeping our bodies balanced and relaxed. 

  • Maitake – boosts metabolism and overall health
  • Turkey Tail – Aids with managing stress and fatigue
  • Cordyceps – increases the body’s energy levels
  • Lions Mane – enhances concentration and mental focus
  • Reishi – promotes healthy sleep and supports the body’s reaction to stress 
  • Chaga – promotes overall well-being


The key to a happy, healthy balanced life is learning how to calm the saber-tooth tiger (stress) in our lives. To do this, we need to learn how to relax, which is easy when you have convenient and tasty candy gummies to hand! 

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