BusinessChoosing Business Broadband UK

Choosing Business Broadband UK

Whether you’re new to broadband or are looking for broadband for business, there are a number of factors to consider. Aside from price, you’ll want to think about your upload and download speeds, the quality of service and customer support.

Full fibre

Unlike other internet connections, full fibre business broadband delivers faster and more stable connections. The fibre optic cables used in full fibre are much stronger and more reliable than copper wires. It also carries less electrical interference.

A full fibre connection is ideal for a business looking to connect hundreds of devices to the internet at once. It can handle bandwidth-heavy activities and transmit large files quickly. The full fibre connection also allows businesses to connect seamlessly to cloud services.

This kind of broadband is a great way to improve productivity. It also allows businesses to stay in touch with their customers. It can also help you keep in touch with suppliers.

Leased line

Using leased lines is a good way to ensure your business has a fast internet connection. It’s also a great way to boost productivity and improve client retention. It’s also a great way for staff to work remotely.

Leased lines provide guaranteed bandwidth and a permanent IP address. They also provide constant monitoring of performance parameters. If a fault does occur, it’s usually fixed quickly.

Leased lines are also more secure than other connection services. You won’t be sharing bandwidth with thousands of other users. You will also have a direct connection to your ISP. This is a much more reliable way to connect your business.

Fast upload speeds

Choosing a Business Broadband UK with fast upload speeds is important for businesses. If you need to upload large files, such as audio and video files, a fast connection is important to ensure you have a smooth experience. If you use cloud-based services, such as Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, fast upload speeds are also necessary.

You can usually get away with having an upload speed of 1-2Mbps, but if you often send large files to the internet, you should consider a higher speed. Faster uploads will help you avoid frustrating freezes, long waiting times and problems caused by multiple family members using the internet at once.

Customer support

BT has completed a successful onshore call handling shuffle, moving all customer service calls back into the UK. In the first year of onshore answering, BT answered 34 million calls. The BT customer service team has been credited with a reduction in call volume in the first year of the shuffle, primarily due to a higher percentage of advisors being able to help customers at the initial contact.

For the same reason, BT has also improved its customer satisfaction numbers. BT ranked as the top provider in terms of number of complaints resolved on first contact and overall satisfaction with complaints handling. BT says the onshore shuffle has reduced the number of complaints relating to call handling.

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