DentalDental Assisting: A Career Choice

Dental Assisting: A Career Choice

Being a Dental Assistant is quite a rewarding career. 

Dental assistants have become a vital part of the community, and with rapid developments in the oral healthcare field, the need for dental assistants is bound to grow multifold. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment of Dental Assistants is projected to grow by approximately 11% from 2020 to 2030.

If you are an aspiring dental assistant and looking for extensive training in Florida, you do not have to search the entire webosphere! Instead, you can find everything you need to know right here!

What does a Dental Assistant’s role look like?

Dental assistants generally are responsible for tasks such as the following:

  • They make sure that patients are comfortable with a dental procedure
  • They help calm the patients and prepare the work area for dental procedures
  • They ensure that all dental instruments are sterilised
  • During the procedures, they help dentists by handing instruments
  • They educate patients about good oral hygiene
  • They take x-rays and finish lab tasks under a doctor’s supervision
  • They help document and maintain records of dental treatments
  • They are also responsible for scheduling patients’ appointments, billing, and payment

Assistants who work at the lab and complete tasks such as taking impressions of a patient’s teeth work under a dentist’s direction. For example, they may prepare materials for dental impressions and create temporary crowns.

In certain states of the U.S. like Florida, the assistants are allowed to perform the following tasks:

  • Applying Sealant: In this procedure, an assistant applies a thin substance over teeth to seal the food particles and acid-producing bacteria from further developing cavities.
  • Applying Fluoride: This procedure also involves anticavity measures.
  • Applying Topical Anaesthetics: Before the procedures, a dental assistant can be qualified to apply anaesthetics in a patient’s mouth.
  • Coronal Polishing: Coronal polishing is a procedure to remove soft deposits, giving teeth a cleaner appearance. 

Academic Qualifications Required

To pursue dental assisting, there are state-verified diplomas that one can find in community colleges, universities, and dental schools. After graduating from the program, one receives a Certificate. It might take 12 weeks to complete accelerated training, part-time courses, or distance learning.

More educational opportunities are available for those dental assistants who wish to achieve a degree after the certification level. 

AAA School of Dental Assisting (SoDA)

In-depth, hands-on training and guaranteed career placement opportunities are the most significant advantages of training with AAA SoDA. It offers Dental Assistant Students a 90-day training in dental assisting and other expanded functions such as Radiology and CPR, making it one of Florida’s best dental assistant schools

Along with its far-reaching program designed to train the students to meet global standards, the classes are scheduled as per students’ comfort – offering complete flexibility to fit the busiest schedules. The program is Florida Board of Dentistry Approved and awards students with certifications valid across the country.

Once you graduate from the course, you will be eligible for a licence to work as a dental assistant under the Florida Board of Dentistry. 

A career in Dental Assisting is the right choice

Given the growth opportunities and excellent work-life balance, dental assisting is a perfect opportunity to launch your career in the field of oral health care. 

With advancements in the sector and the predicted growth projections, pursuing dental assisting will help you launch a career that you will be proud of for years to come.

For more details on a career in dental assisting, we suggest attending one of the complimentary “Meet The Team” sessions organised by AAA SoDA.

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