The first tip, do not let beauty be your wife.

Research from Spain showed that, if a man stays alone with a woman who is very beautiful for a long time, the concentration of cortisol which is a kind of stress hormone in the human body related to heart disease would rise. The researchers invited 84 male students to participate in this experiment. When a woman leaves and there are only two men sitting together inside the room, the pressure levels of the men who volunteered to receive this experiment do not increase; while when the experimental subject and the woman stay alone in one room, the concentration of cortisolĀ in his body would rise. A small quantity of cortisol may have the right side effect in improving alertness and promoting health. However, the higher cortisol concentration for a long time would let the patient’s condition of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes impotence worsen.

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The second tip, just cry when a man wants to cry.

Crying really can drive away depression. The female often crying always regards as the important reason of having a longer longevity. According to the report of the Mental Health, when the mood depressed, the human body would secrete a kind of epinephrine called as the pain hormone which would let the mood depressed, be out of spirit and reduce longevity. Of course, the pain hormone can exhaust the human body through sweat, tear or urine. For this reason, when the mood depressed, you can take more exercises.

The third tip, a contented mind is perpetual feast.

The fourth tip, do not be a bachelor.

The fifth tip, chew food with small mouth.

The sixth tip, eat much soybean.

The seventh tip, appreciate pretty girls

The eighth tip, drink half cup of red wine each day.


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