HealthErectile Dysfunction in men and how to treat this?

Erectile Dysfunction in men and how to treat this?

The erectile dysfunction is taking place when there is a failure in attaining as well as maintaining the erections strong. This particular condition is considered as impotence. However, both the terms erectile dysfunction as well as impotence can be used interchangeably. This condition is commonly prevalent. Many males experience the condition of erectile failures during the time of the stress. The frequent erectile failure could actually be a sign of the health issues that require therapy. It could also be a sign of some kind of emotional or relationship issues that a couple want to get addressed by taking the help of the specialist. 

Causes of erectile dysfunction 

The erectile dysfunction could be a warning sign of some cardiovascular ailment. This may include the blockage that is developing in the vascular system. Also, it has been found that males who are suffering from the sexual dysfunction are towards the greater risk of cardiac attack, stroke as well as the vascular diseases. There can also be the psychological causes of impotence like low self-esteem, depression or some kind of distress in the males and his partner. 

So, some of the ailments that are found to be considered as the risk factors of the erectile dysfunction include: 

  • Aging 
  • Diabetes 
  • Hypertension 
  • High cholesterol level 
  • Drug addiction 
  • Obesity 
  • Smoking 
  • Sedentary Lifestyle 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Relationship conflicts 
  • Stressful lifestyle 
  • Worrying about sexual performance 

Erectile dysfunction diagnosis 

There are many of the causative factors for erectile dysfunction. So, due to this, the doctor is required to conduct several of the diagnostic tests in order to find out the exact cause and the conditions of the impotence. So it is only after the exact cause of the erectile dysfunction is identified, the doctor will be able to devise the right course of treatment. However, before prescribing the diagnostic tests, the doctor will also be able to review the medical history and conduct the physical examination. So, doctor will be asking the questions about your individual medical as well as sexual history.  Thus, testing for the condition of erectile syndrome comprises of series of steps. This includes the physical examination & assessing the health & sexual history of the patient. 

Treatment of erectile dysfunction 

The most crucial thing that doctor will ensure for devising the right treatment is the health condition that is causing or worsening the impotence. On the basis of the cause as well as the severity of the condition the doctor suggest many different treatment alternatives. Also, they will be explaining you all the associated risks as well as the advantages of each and every treatment for the consideration of your own preferences. Even the preferences of your partner will also be considered in making the right treatment choice. 

Oral medications 

The oral medications are quite successful in treating the condition of erectile failures in many males. Some of the most common oral medications for ED include: 

  • Sildenafil 
  • Tadalafil 
  • Vardenafil 
  • Avanafil 

This group of 4 medications demonstrates the same effect. The doctor will consider the individual condition of the patient in order to find out the exact medications that will work the best. It works by enhancing the concentration of nitric oxide. Cenforce 100 mg and Cenforce 200 is the best medication treatment for ED. It is a natural compound produced in the body and carries out the relaxation of the muscles of the male reproductive organ. This in turn enhances the blood flow and facilitates the individual to achieve erections in the presence of sexual stimulation. Consuming just the oral pill will not be leading to erections in an automatic manner. So there is a requirement of sexual stimulation, in the presence of which there will be the release of the nitric oxide from the penile nerves. 

The oral medications carry out the amplification of that signal facilitating the normal functioning of the reproductive organ. Although the oral medications might not be treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction immediately and thus, the patient is required to work closely with the doctor in order to determine the right product and dosage for them. Cenforce 150 and Vidalista 20 also used in ED Treatment. When the medications don’t yield desired results, then the doctor may recommend different courses of treatment. 

Other treatment options

This includes either the penile pumps or implant. 

  • Penile Pumps 

The penile pump, also known as the vacuum erection device actually comprises of a hollow tube with either the hand-powered or battery-powered pump. It works by placing the hollow pump over the male reproductive organ. Then this pump is utilized for sucking out the air within the tube. This will be creating a vacuum that will be pulling the blood into the penile region. Once you will be achieving the erections, then you will be slipping the tension ring around the penile base for holding the blood and keeping it firm. After that, you have to carry out the removal of the vacuum device. The erection will be typically lasting enough for the couple to indulge in pleasurable intercourse. Once the session is over, there will be remove of the tension ring. If the penis pump is the appropriate treatment for the patient the doctor might the prescribe the specific model. 

  • Penile implants 

The penile implants will be involving the surgical placement of the devices towards both the side of the reproductive organ. Such implants can either be inflatable or comprises of the malleable rods. The inflatable devices will be facilitating the user to control when and for how long the erections take place. The implants are adopted by patients who have failure in the conservative therapies. However, it is not recommended for the patients who are already suffering from the urinary tract infection.

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