HealthFactors Affecting the Cost of Laser Hair Removal  

Factors Affecting the Cost of Laser Hair Removal  

Are you lured by the promise of a hair-free life?  

If the answer is yes, we’re you must have thought about getting a laser hair treatment.  

And why not?  

Laser hair treatment does come with a few benefits apart from eliminating your body hair for good. 

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One of the major perks of getting a laser treatment is getting rid of those annoying ingrowns. And while there are other methods of removing hair like waxing, shaving and threading, laser hair treatment is a more permanent approach.  

But, just like any other treatment you are doing to your body, it is a good idea to be aware of the ins and outs of laser hair treatment along with the cost of laser hair removal.  

Laser hair removal – Is it a painful process? 

Laser hair removal has become immensely popular for all the right reasons. It saves you time and the hassle of going to salons. Moreover, you no longer need to experience the pain that comes with razor cuts and the application of hot wax. 


The process is done by sending laser light through the pigment in your body hair. This light then gets converted into heat which damages the hair follicle.  

The process is quick and simple. If we speak about the pain, most users describe it as a rubber snapping against your skin. It might cause a little discomfort, but the pain is still less than what is caused by shaving and waxing.  

What is the cost of laser hair removal? 

Money matters, right?  

For this reason, one of the most commonly asked questions about laser treatment is the cost of laser hair removal.  

Well, the cost depends on a variety of factors. 

Size of area  

A laser hair treatment can be performed on almost all body parts, including arms, legs, back, underarms and bikini line.  

The more area you get hair removed from, the higher will be the cost.  

Number of sessions  

Let’s break the bubble!  

Laser hair treatment does not provide permanent results in just one session. You may need to take a few sessions to get hair-free skin.  

The expert will guide you about the number of sessions required during your consultation.  

Colour of hair  

One of the factors that determine the laser hair treatment cost is the colour of your hair. The laser process works by targeting the pigment in the hair. So, it’s best to have dark hair and light skin combination to get desired results.  

People that don’t have this combination require more sessions, which increases the cost.  

Skin complexion  

Your complexion is also a key factor that affects the cost of laser hair removal. Like we said earlier, laser treatment works best on light skin and dark hair combination.  

People with a darker skin tone require more sessions to achieve the desired results.  

Growth of hair  

Do you have dense and thick hair?  

If yes, you will need a few more sessions than people who have thin hair. This is because it takes time for the laser to reach the surface of dense hair.  

Should you choose a skin expert based on the cost of laser hair removal? 


This is because laser hair treatment is not just another cosmetic procedure. It is a medical skin care treatment, and you want trained and expert people to handle the laser. Always go for a company offering reliable services using advanced equipment and trained personnel.  

Tips for laser hair removal  

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Now that you know the cost of permanent laser hair removal, we thought of making sure you are fully prepped before your first session.  

Here are a few things to remember.  

  • You must shave the concerned area 24 hours before the session. Avoid using electric razors as they leave the hair too long.  
  • You must never wax or pluck the hair prior to or in-between sessions. Stick to shaving.  
  • The concerned area should be free from any cosmetics, including makeup, lotion, deodorants and sunscreens.  
  • Do not expose your skin to the sun before the treatment.  
  • Skip using fake tanning products.  
  • Exfoliate the area to eliminate any residue prior to the laser procedure.  

Bottom Line  

We hope you’ve understood how laser hair removal works. Plus, you can also take a sigh of relief as, contrary to widespread belief, laser treatment isn’t that painful. 


Now that you have important details about the procedure, you can go ahead and search for a trusted skin expert. 

Sadly, with everyone claiming to be a skin expert, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. No worries; you can choose skinnsi. It is a group of young doctors who believe in making skincare services accessible to all. Skinnsi makes at-home skincare possible and offers a unique experience.  

Explore the skinnsi website to know the cost of laser hair removal and its benefits.  

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