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Five tips for confronting a friend with a drinking problem

In today’s world, every person faces some sort of stressful situation. Stress & anxiety caused by different factors make people feel helpless and lost. Such problems often lead to unwanted addictions. The most common addiction that people develop is that of drinking alcohol. Alcohol addiction affects not only the addict but also their family and friends.  

People often think that their friends with a drinking problem will be able to snap out of it by themselves, but it isn’t what actually happens. Believing that your friend needs to see the worst and then climb back to normalcy after their drinking addiction is false thinking. The point is that if your friend has a drinking problem, you need to confront them so that they don’t drown in the abyss of the addiction.

Does your friend have a drinking problem?

If you have noticed that a friend of yours is developing a drinking problem, you must confront them. It might sound easy, but it isn’t. Confronting your friend about their drinking problem is very difficult, but it is necessary.

Once you are sure your friend has a drinking addiction, you need to know that they might not feel that they have a problem. Before confronting them, you should try and learn more about alcohol addiction to ensure all goes in the right direction. 

The most important step is that you plan and think about what you will say during the confrontation. If you talk in a supportive manner, it can result in a positive outcome. Going the other route might not lead to anything well.

We’ll give you some tips on how to confront a friend with a drinking problem if you’re unsure about how to approach this issue.

5 Tips To Confront a Friend With a Drinking Problem:

Many people feel worried about confronting a friend with a drinking problem. However, it is nothing to be worried about if you are taking the right approach. Intervening at an early point in your friend’s addiction can be effective in helping them quit the habit rather easily.

The following tips will surely help you structure your confrontation in a manner that will lead to a successful outcome.

1. Avoid giving a lecture.

Don’t make the mistake of starting with a long lecture about right and wrong. It won’t help you achieve anything. You need to aim towards showing your concern without turning the talk into a scolding. This is because such a mistake will make your addicted friend reluctant to change. You need to make it sound like a natural conversation that highlights your concern for them.

Also, this goes without saying: never try to confront your friend while they are intoxicated. In such a state, they might act aggressively. Instead of a lecture, opt for a calm heart-to-heart talk when they are sober and in a relaxed mood.

2. Highlight drinking problem as a disease, not a personal failure.

People often start by mentioning how a drinking problem makes their addicted friend a failure in life. This is the worst approach one could opt for. The focus of your confrontation should be on how drinking addiction is a disease.

Do not mention the term “failure” in any manner during the confrontation. It will only make your friend spiral down into deeper addiction levels. Be smart, talk about how drinking addiction is the enemy, and don’t discuss the resulting failures.

3. Talk positively

If your words and manner of speaking are positive and light-hearted during the confrontation, you will be able to change the mind of your addicted friend. Going down the “tough talk” road is never a good choice when dealing with addicts.

You need to tell your friend how much they mean to you and that you care for them. Once they realize their importance in your life, you will be able to guide them towards the solutions.

4. Present them with solutions.

Even if the addict friend understands your concern, they won’t know how to overcome their addiction and become sober. Before you confront your friend, make sure you research the solutions your friend can use to achieve sobriety.

Once you have convinced them that they need to get rid of their addiction, offering solutions is the next step. However, remember that you need to present them with solutions that focus on “long-term sobriety” instead of just short-term relief from alcohol addiction. One such recommendation could be to get them treated at the best rehab center like alcohol rehab Fountain Valley to ensure that they are able to completely recover from addiction with much fewer chances of relapse post-treatment.

5. Know when to back away.

You should know that things might not get fixed with just one confrontation. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort to get a drinking addict on the right track. If you feel like the confrontation is not going as expected, do not force it and make things worse. Instead, stop and back away from the conversation when you feel like it isn’t going anywhere.

If you push the confrontation to the limits, it will only result in negative outcomes. However, if you back out at the right moment, it allows you to speak to them again at a point in the future to try and help them get rid of their addiction. Forcing a confrontation towards the desired outcome will only affect your relationship with the addict adversely.

Confronting a drinking addict requires patience & effort:

Before you take a step to help your friend get rid of their drinking addiction, you should be aware that it is not as easy as it might sound and look. Addicts become reluctant and stubborn, and they oppose all explanations & solutions for their recovery.

You should be willing to put in all your efforts because it will be a demanding task. You need to exercise atience to confront an addict. One of the smart tactics is to have someone else with you rather than speaking to an addict alone. Having another person with you can help in making the addict see different viewpoints and get a sense of their importance in other people’s lives as well.

It is up to us to help out our friends when they become the victims of addiction. With the right approach, you can help save your friend addicted to drinking. Don’t rush the process and take it all gradually – one step at a time.

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