HealthFluoride in the water poses a impact on your teeth, shall we...

Fluoride in the water poses a impact on your teeth, shall we remove it?

Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally present in various foods items and commonly available as a dietary supplement. It is an iconic form of fluorine. Fluoride reverses & inhibits the initiation of dental caries and stimulates the new formation of human bones.

Generally, it is found in the following things:

  • Water
  • Plants
  • Soil
  • Air

Moreover, fluoride is mostly used in dentistry to strengthen your enamel which is the outermost layer of your teeth. Not just this, it also helps to prevent cavities. Besides, a small amount of fluoride is also added to public water supplies in the USA and in various other developed countries also. The process of adding fluoride to public water is known as water fluoridation.

So, in our today’s blog post. We are going to discuss in-depth detail of fluoride, the benefits of fluoride, uses of fluoride, products that keep fluoride, and many more. So without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Uses of Fluoride:

When it comes to health, fluoride is widely used to improve the dental health of people. You can easily find fluoride in your local water supply and various daily life products which include toothpaste, supplements, and mouth rinses.

So, if you’re one who is suffering from a lot of cavities, then your dentist might suggest you start using a prescription mouth rinse with fluoride. Because these rinses have a higher concentration of fluoride than many other products.

Furthermore, fluoride is also used in medical imaging scans and pesticides. It is also used to manufacture steel, Teflon, and aluminum products.

Benefits of Using Fluoride For Dental Treatments

Almost all of us know, how important fluoride treatment is for children. But only a few know that fluoride usage for adults is just as essential as for children. Below, we have discussed some of the most important benefits for both kids & adults.

Protects Enamel:

One of the vital benefits of using fluoride as a dental treatment is that it protects your teeth’ outermost layer called enamel. Because drinking liquids that contain a large amount of acid can cause the breakdown of your tooth’s enamel.

And when your enamel gets damaged, your teeth become more sensitive to normal activities such as drinking hot coffee or cold drinks.

Unfortunately, highly sensitive teeth can lead to unpleasant sensations. But don’t be sad, because we have got you covered. Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste or receiving fluoride treatments will reduce the sensitivity of your teeth.

In addition, fluoride also helps to protect your enamel against harmful acids & bacterias that may cause damage.

Add Minerals Back in your Teeth:

Acids & bacterias not only damage your tooth’s enamel but also break down the structure of your teeth by eliminating good minerals that make your teeth healthy.

Minerals like phosphorus & calcium are highly beneficial for your teeth, but when acid breaks down the enamel, it causes your teeth to become weaker & damaged over time.

But using fluoride reverses the damage by adding those good minerals back into your teeth. This process is commonly called re-mineralization because it helps to rebuild the strength of your teeth.

Prevent Cavities & Tooth Decay:

There is no doubt that bacteria are present in every person’s mouth. And when the person consumes sugar & starches, these elements allow the bacteria to produce a harmful acid that may damage your tooth’s enamel.

This process could be really dangerous to your teeth, when it is not properly diagnosed with fluoride treatments, the acid starts to decay your teeth. In simple words, fluoride is the best treatment when it comes to fighting cavities & tooth decay.

Offers A Natural Preventative:

Since fluoride is a naturally occurring substance found in both groundwater and oceans. That is why it serves as a natural preventative for your teeth. Therefore, the next time you visit your dentist, it would be better for you to ask for a fluoride treatment as a means of prevention of teeth.


No doubt that dental treatments can be really costly. But the best way to save your cash is to stay up-to-date with your fluoride treatment. Currently, there are two types of fluoride treatments. Topical and Systemic fluoride treatment.

In topical treatment, the fluorides are directly applied to your teeth’ enamel through toothpaste or mouthwash within the dental office. While, in systemic fluoride treatment, the fluorides are swallowed. This treatment can be completed by drinking fluoride water.

Products That Keep Fluoride:

Since fluoride reduces the effect of bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay. Fluoride also helps to keep the mouth healthy. It makes your teeth’ enamel stronger, safe, and effective while also preventing it from tooth decay. That’s why fluoride is usually found in dental products. Below we have discussed some products that keep fluoride.

  • Fluoride Toothpaste:

Fluoride toothpaste prevents tooth decay and protects your tooth’s enamel. Usually, a fluoride toothpaste contains 1100-1500 PPM of fluoride. But if your mouth condition is dangerous, then the dentist may recommend you to use high-concentration fluoride toothpaste (5000 PPM).

  • Fluoride Mouthwash:

A fluoride mouthwash prevents cavities and reverses the damage by early-stage cavities. Although, using mouthwash does not replace brushing the teeth.

  • Fluoride Supplements:

Taking fluoride supplements either in the form of drops or tablets can prevent tooth decay. But we recommend only children who are at risk of getting cavities should take fluoride supplements. However, the dose of fluoride supplements depends on the child’s age.

But it would be good for parents to must consult the dentist to find out whether their kid needs a fluoride supplement or not?

  • Fluoridated Water:

Drinking fluoridated water is the simplest & effective method to prevent tooth decay. But fluoridated water is commercially available in a few countries such as the United States.

Can I remove fluoride from water?

Yes! A reverse osmosis filtration system is the simplest method for removing fluoride from water. According to the survey, a reverse osmosis system (ROS) can remove 80-90% fluoride from water.

Warnings & Some Special Precautions:

For pregnant or breastfeeding women, fluoride is likely safe when it is taken in doses below tolerable upper intake level of 10mg daily. This can be through toothpaste or mouth wash. But a higher dose of fluoride can be unsafe and cause nervous problems and muscle issues.

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