FoodFoods You Must Avoid During IVF Treatment

Foods You Must Avoid During IVF Treatment

The dream of becoming a parent and experiencing the essence of a happy and complete family is something none of us want to miss out on. In the current times when infertility is far more common than it was a few years ago, today most couples are choosing IVF in India especially, IVF treatment in Mumbai is on a boom. With technology advancing & the experts of the world putting their hearts and souls in fulfilling a family’s hope IVF has genuinely made a mark as a successful treatment that makes dreams a reality.
When it comes to attaining success in IVF just like any other treatment the efforts that one puts personally equally play an imperative role as the doctor’s efforts do, one of the most essential of those personal efforts is the lifestyle that you follow and food that you eat. When we talk about the food that you eat we mean, food that influences your journey towards success, food that helps you overcome all those factors that have led you on the path of infertility.

The internet is filled with hoards of suggestions, articles, and blogs that tell you to eat healthily, and when the word healthy is used it is exposing you to all kinds of foods that are healthy in any way. It is a common understanding that just like every organ in the body acts differently, the care it deserves to stay in good health also differs. For example, Eggs are advisable for consumption if one is suffering from Cancer but at the same time, Milk is not, though both, in general, are considered healthy foods. Similarly, in case of infertility or in the frame of your IVF treatment, yes you are advised to eat healthily but every healthy food item does not deserve a space on your plate because some items may not necessarily help in progressing your case or some even potentially decline the success rate of your IVF treatment.

Besides the food, another important factor that needs all the light and attention is portion size and avoiding overconsumption. Overconsumption is a huge mistake that most of us tend to ignore. Eating right does not mean eating too much of that right food. When we say balanced diet let’s not skip on the term balance. Your IVF diet has to be a plate full of all the superfoods in the correct amount of balance.

Now let’s go through a list of foods that may be healthy or not, but you strictly need to avoid during your IVF treatment:

1. Caffeine

While the intake of caffeine in the form of tea or coffee does have control over ovulation issues but the excess of it can leave your body dehydrated which is not a good sign. As per a study increased miscarriage risk for women was found who consumed caffeine while they were pregnant, it also has the ability to affect the growth of a baby.

2. Dairy
Again, Yes dairy is advisable for consumption during IVF, but only and only in limited amounts. Overconsumption of dairy products has to be avoided at all costs. Try consuming one or at most two servings of full-fat milk or curd that would be exactly in the amounts needed.

3. Fish

While Fish is known for its great source of Protein and Healthy fats, during your IVF treatment we would rather ask you to avoid it due to its increased mercury content. Fishes like tuna, sea bass, and mackerel are some examples of fish that you should strictly exempt from your diet.

4. Sugary Drinks and Artificial Sweeteners

As per a number of researches, it is found that consumption of drinks that contain sugar in excess or artificial sweeteners can potentially affect the egg quality for the worse. It declines the pregnancy rates, promotes bad embryo quality and implantation.

5. Red-Meat
As per studies and data, Red meat may have bad effects on the fertility rate. It tends to form blastocyst during embryo development and negatively affects it. Red meat is high in saturated fat which can lower semen concentration in men.

6. Alcohol & Cigarettes
Though Alcohol & cigarettes are far from even touching the healthy aspect of life in any way and should be avoided in general life. Its consumption in times of IVF treatment can crush the efforts and dreams of having a baby. It should be avoided by both male and female partners since it affects sperm production, may cause abnormal sperm, and affect overall health.
We urge you to avoid the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes at all costs.

Avoiding the foods mentioned above can promote and influence higher chances of success in IVF. It is also the job of your IVF doctor and the IVF center you choose to guide you through a diet plan thoroughly so you don’t suffer while your ongoing treatment. If you are planning to start your IVF treatment we suggest you browse through a list of the Best IVF Centre in Mumbai since the city is a hub for IVF and provides a wholesome experience that promises a combination of world-class treatment and helps you make lifestyle & food choices that add to your chances of becoming a parent.

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