DentalHere’s A Few Instances Where An Emergency Dentist Comes In Handy

Here’s A Few Instances Where An Emergency Dentist Comes In Handy

Everyone should keep their routine appointments with a dentist as it is an excellent preventative measure to avoid needing an emergency dentist later. Even with regular care, a wide range of circumstances may occur that need immediate attention. 

Emergency dentists can treat acute pain, infections, and oral emergencies. A critical dental need can be hereditary bone loss or catching an unfortunate basketball to the face while playing ball with friends. It’s better to have a professional opinion as soon as possible when a severe accident occurs. Your adult teeth are yours for life, so you should be careful and take good care of them. If you are in the Garland area, consider an Emergency Dentist – Garland, Tx

Dislodged Fillings

A dislodged filling can happen over time. It is essential to be seen immediately so the dentist can assess the damage. In some cases, the filling can be saved or reset. Otherwise, if you wait too long, you may need to drill it out entirely and have a new filling done and possibly additional work that may have been avoided. After some X-rays, your dentist can walk you through what needs to happen. 

Excessive Bleeding

Excessive bleeding is scary because so many things could cause it. Simple things such as poor mouth hygiene, brushing too hard, and jaw clenching can cause your gums to bleed. More severe problems include crooked teeth, smoking, and stress. Bleeding gums are always related to an underlying condition and should be investigated. Excessive bleeding is one of the precursors to gingivitis and periodontal disease. If you brush your teeth regularly and you don’t just try to scrub off your skin, there is more than likely an underlying problem worth looking at. 

Soft Tissue Damage

Your mouth encompasses your teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, and lips. Damage to any of these areas can be tricky because the potential for infection is high. The human mouth has many bacteria, making your newest injury ripe for infection. Biting yourself too hard may result in stitches, and other minor injuries still need cleaning, care, and attention. If you need care in a hurry, look for an Emergency Dentist – Garland, Tx. 

Chipped Or Broken 

Chipped, broken, or fractured teeth should be looked at immediately. They will almost certainly develop into a more significant problem if left untreated. A chipped tooth can be filled, and a cracked tooth can possibly be sealed. With an untreated dental injury left untreated for too long, infection may set in, making way for additional damage to the injured tooth. A simple filling can quickly become a root canal if not adequately looked after. 

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies should never be taken lightly. Your teeth are the only bones in the human body that can’t regenerate themselves. Tooth enamel is highly durable but does need regular care to maintain its integrity. If you have sustained any sort of injury involving your teeth or mouth, it is essential to get a professional opinion as soon as possible. The Emergency Dentist – Garland, Tx could be the fastest place to do so. 

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