Treatment as Avoidance (TasP) Approaches to take HIV medicine to sexually transmit HIV. It is one of the deeply compelling options for transmitting HIV transmission. Individuals living with HIV who take HIV medication every day are recommended and have an unavoidable viral burden with no risk of successfully transmitting HIV to their HIV-negative partners. And  to avoid HIV.

TasP works when an individual living with HIV takes HIV drug precisely as endorsed and has normal subsequent consideration, including customary viral burden tests to guarantee their viral burden stays imperceptible.

Taking HIV Medication to Stay Healthy and Prevent Transmission

On the off chance that you have HIV, it is essential to begin treatment with HIV prescription (called antiretroviral treatment or ART) at the earliest opportunity after your finding.

Whenever required each day, precisely as endorsed, HIV drug can decrease the measure of HIV in your blood (likewise called the viral burden) to an extremely low level. This is called viral concealment. It is called viral concealment since HIV drug keeps the infection from filling in your body and keeps the infection low or “smothered.” Viral concealment helps keep you sound and forestalls disease.

In the event that your viral burden is low to the point that it doesn’t appear in a standard lab test, this is called having an imperceptible viral burden. Individuals living with HIV can get and keep an imperceptible viral burden by taking HIV prescription consistently, precisely as endorsed. Nearly each and every individual who takes HIV drug day by day as recommended can accomplish an imperceptible viral burden, typically inside a half year in the wake of beginning treatment.

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There are significant medical advantages to getting the viral burden as low as could really be expected. Individuals living with HIV who know their status, take HIV medicine day by day as recommended, and get and keep an imperceptible viral burden can live long, sound lives.

There is likewise a significant avoidance advantage. Individuals living with HIV who take HIV drug every day as recommended and get and keep an imperceptible viral burden have successfully no danger of explicitly communicating HIV to their HIV-negative accomplices.

Find out additional: Read our reality sheet about the wellbeing and anticipation advantages of viral concealment and keeping an imperceptible viral burden (PDF 166 KB).

Continue To take Your HIV Medication to Stay Undetectable

HIV is as yet in your body when your viral burden is stifled, in any event, when it is imperceptible. Along these lines, you need to continue to take your HIV prescription every day as recommended. At the point when your viral burden stays imperceptible, you have adequately no danger of communicating HIV to a HIV-negative accomplice through sex. In the event that you quit taking HIV prescription, your viral burden will rapidly return up.

In the event that you have quit taking your HIV prescription or are experiencing difficulty accepting every one of the dosages as recommended, converse with your medical care supplier at the earliest opportunity. Your supplier can assist you with getting on target and talk about the best procedures to forestall communicating HIV through sex while you get your viral burden imperceptible once more.

How Do We Know Treatment as Prevention Works?

Enormous examination concentrates with more current HIV drugs have shown that treatment is counteraction. These investigations observed a huge number of male-female and male-male couples in which one accomplice has HIV and different doesn’t more than quite a long while. No HIV transmissions were seen when the HIV-positive accomplice was virally smothered. This implies that on the off chance that you keep your viral burden imperceptible, there is viably no danger of sending HIV to somebody you have vaginal, butt-centric, or oral sex with. Find out about the logical proof.

Talk with Your HIV Health Care Provider

Talk with your medical services supplier about the advantages of HIV therapy and which HIV medicine is ideal for you. Examine how regularly you ought to get your viral burden tried to ensure it stays imperceptible.

In the event that your lab results show that the infection is perceivable or on the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty taking each portion of your prescription, you can, in any case, secure your HIV-negative accomplice by utilizing different techniques for forestalling sexual transmission of HIV like condoms, more secure sex rehearses, or potentially pre-openness prophylaxis (PrEP) for an HIV-negative accomplice until your viral burden is imperceptible once more.

Taking HIV medication to keep an imperceptible viral burden doesn’t shield you or your accomplice from getting other explicitly sent illnesses (STDs), so converse with your supplier about approaches to forestall different STDs.

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Converse with Your Partner

TasP can be utilized alone or related to other counteraction techniques. Discussion about your HIV status with your sexual accomplices and choose together which anticipation techniques you will utilize. A few states have laws that expect you to tell your sexual accomplice that you have HIV in specific conditions.

Other Prevention Benefits of HIV Treatment

As well as forestalling sexual transmission of HIV there are different advantages of taking HIV medicine to accomplish and keep an imperceptible viral burden:

  • It diminishes the danger of mother-to-youngster transmission from pregnancy, work, and conveyance. On the off chance that a lady living with HIV can accept HIV drug as endorsed all through pregnancy, work, and conveyance and if HIV prescription is given to her child for 4 a month and a half after conveyance, the danger of transmission from pregnancy, work, and conveyance can be decreased to 1% or less. Researchers couldn’t say whether a lady living with HIV who has her HIV leveled out can send HIV to her child through breastfeeding. While it isn’t known whether or what amount being imperceptible or virally smothered forestalls a few different ways that HIV is sent, it is sensible to expect that it gives some danger decrease.
  • It might diminish HIV transmission hazards for individuals who infuse drugs. Researchers don’t yet realize whether having a stifled or imperceptible viral burden forestalls HIV transmission through sharing needles or other infusion drug gear, however, it is sensible to accept that it gives some danger decrease. Regardless of whether you are taking HIV drugs and are imperceptible, utilize new gear each time you infuse and don’t impart needles and needles to others. While a great many people’s bodies endure  (pre-openness prophylaxis) all things considered, similar to all meds it can have some results.


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