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How Do I Know if My CBD is Working?

Everyone has met someone who thinks CBD is just a trend designed for companies to make money. They may have even taken a few drops of CBD tinctures or a 50mg CBD capsule for themselves and reported not having any benefits. What makes CBD susceptible to doubt is that it isn’t like THC. You don’t take a hit and feel the benefits immediately. It takes time and consistency. Even the best CBD capsule needs to be taken every day over a period of time to give the CBD a chance. For those wondering, ‘how do I now if my CBD is working?’ you must first follow this guide, then make the decision for yourself. 

How Quickly Does CBD Work?

This question doesn’t have a perfect answer. There are many variables that go into the CBD that enters into your body and how its processed. Everyone is different. A 100-pound person taking the same CBD edibles as someone who weights 300 pounds will get different results. All of our bodies are different and process organic materials more or less efficiently. 

Another factor includes when you took the CBD related to your last meal. Experts believe that taking CBD with a full stomach creates higher bioavailability. In other words, the amount of CBD available for your body to use. 

Some people also have a higher tolerance for drugs and medication. CBD isn’t technically classified as either, but the same principals apply. We all know a light weight. It isn’t their fault it’s just how their bodies handle substances. 

CBD is not like THC. You don’t feel the immediate effects. This can be challenging, especially if you are trying to get your older relatives to try CBD for its potential medicinal benefits. If you understand how CBD works in the brain, it makes sense. 

THC binds directly with a receptor in the brain believed to release serotonin. While CBD effects the same CB1 receptor, it happens in an indirect way. CBD affects an enzyme that inhibits the production of a cannabis like chemical produced naturally in the body that binds with that receptor. So, you aren’t getting the knockout punch like with CBD, but introducing it into the body helps us produce more of the chemical that makes us feel good. 

The Best Time to Take CBD Oil

CBD needs to be taken daily, over a number of days to feel the benefits. Most studies monitor subjects for months and record the results. You need to do the same before making a judgement one way or the other. 

A recent study done in Colorado looked at CBD use for anxiety and sleep issues. The users who reported anxiety as their main concern were given the CBD capsule during the day, every day, for months. The subjects who reported having sleep issues were given the CBD at night. The best time to take CBD varies for every person. 

For new CBD users, looking to feel the benefits, start with a plan. What do you want out of your CBD? Then take a good dose, of the best CBD capsules or CBD tincture you have available. It’s a good idea to start with a small dose, somewhere between 10-20mg then work your way up to a higher dose, such as 50mg CBD capsules. 

Take the dose every day. Write down how the CBD is making you feel and if it is achieving your goal. Do this for at least a month. This gives the CBD enough time to build up healthy production of endocannabinoids in the body. Only then can you be sure if your CBD is working or not. 

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