DentalInvisalign in Tunbridge Wells

Invisalign in Tunbridge Wells

Not everyone wants to have metal braces fixed on to their teeth in order to straighten them and that’s okay! Invisalign Tunbridge Wells offers you the same solution as braces without the need of having unsightly metal wires permanently fixed onto your teeth for months on end. 

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign consists of clear, removable braces made of plastic which are designed to be invisible when placed on your teeth. They work like traditional braces by applying pressure to the teeth causing them to slowly move and align together. Unlike metal braces, when you get Invisalign, a number of aligners or “trays” are made custom to your teeth and how the dentist expects your teeth to progress, and you are expected to change into a new tray after a set number of weeks until your teeth are levelled. 

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign in Tunbridge Wells

There are a number of benefits to having Invisalign, which is why there has been such a rise in its popularity in the past few years. Invisalign in Tunbridge Wells These include:

  • Transparent – Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic meaning they are practically invisible when they are worn unlike traditional braces
  • Removable – Invisalign aligners are removable which makes it easier for you to eat food and drink without getting food stuck between your teeth
  • Oral hygiene – due to Invisalign aligners being removable, it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene as you are able to brush and floss your teeth properly with nothing getting in the way
  • Confidence – having uneven teeth can make you feel self-conscious, but with the help of aligners, your teeth can become more cohesive, giving you a better smile and bringing back your confidence.

What does Invisalign help treat?

Invisalign works to solve a number of dental issues, these include:

  • crooked or uneven teeth
  • gaps between the teeth
  • overbites
  • underbites
  • crossbites
  • crowded teeth

If you feel as though you may be suffering from any of the above-mentioned issues, your dentist may recommend Invisalign as a suitable solution for you.

The process

The process of getting Invisalign is fairly straightforward in comparison to having metal braces fitted in or any other teeth straightening dental procedure.

When getting Invisalign aligners, your dentist will initially carry out a thorough physical examination of your teeth to ensure your teeth actually require Invisalign. They will also take a number of 3D scans of your mouth and teeth so that they can produce a set of custom-made aligners by visualising how your teeth alignment will progress over the course of the treatment. These aligners are changed every two to eight weeks when there is a shift in the position of your teeth. Once the aligners arrive, your dentist will check to see if the aligners fit comfortably and securely onto your natural teeth. If so, you will be advised to wear the aligners for 22 hours of the day and to only remove them when eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. 

How soon can I see results?

If worn correctly, results of wearing Invisalign aligners can often be felt within the first three months and can be seen within six. The length of the treatment is usually dependent on each individual, with the average time being twelve months. Additionally, it is important that you wear your retainers every night after the treatment is complete to ensure your teeth remain straight and do not begin to move again. 

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