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Stem Cell Therapy for Damaged Spinal Cord

The spinal cord gets damaged because of impairments or loss of muscle movement. This might happen due to some common course of action. Act of violence, vehicle or sporting accidents, or falls might crush the spinal cord. 

Damage in the spinal cord results in sensations, muscle control, and body system control. The damage in the body results in the malfunctioning of regular chores.

The patient needs to teach him how to cope up with the disability. Post-accident, patients are suggested various therapies. They need to care for their spinal cord as it plays an important part in regular chores. Occupational therapy, extensive therapy, and other rehabilitation therapy are part of its treatment. 

A lot of studies are being done which prove that stem cells can be an effective therapy for spinal cord treatment. However, more studies are needed to investigate the efficacy and safety of stem cell transplantation. With the administration of umbilical cord and spinal cord injury orange county & Irvine we have observed improvement in patients treated at our facilities.

Orthopaedician Orange County and Irvine treat spinal cord injuries. They need to collect an umbilical cord for doing the procedure. These cords are donated by mothers after the healthy birth of a child normally. International blood bank standards then check the cords and screen for bacterias and viruses. However, only a small number of cords make it through the rigorous screening process.

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After understanding the importance of this treatment, we need to understand the advantages of stem-cell treatment. The advantages are as follows

  • Here, the rejection of cells is not an issue. Matching of Human Leukocyte Antigen is also not mandatory. As these are privileged immune systems.
  • Allogeneic cells can be considered a lot of times over the days in uniform dosages which require high cell counts.
  • The stem cells having the best anti-inflammatory activity also contain the ability to stimulate regeneration which can be selected.
  • Umbilical cord tissue also provides an abundant supply of stem cells.

With the advantages discussed above, we have understood how easy the process is. Now we need to understand how the human body will respond to such a type of stem cell.

The immune system of the body is unable to recognize the umbilical cord-derived stem cells. As it is a foreign cell and is unable to reject them. Orthopaedician surgeon Orange county & Irvine and HUCT stem cells have been administered thousand times. They are reviewed at the Stem Cell Institute. The matter of fact is that there has never been a single instance of rejection.

After all the information comes the protocols which need to be followed by the patient. The treatment protocol is provided by staff physicians after understanding the medical history of the patient. The exceptions might be there but all common protocols are mentioned below.

  • Two weeks of medication.
  • Blood test and physical test.
  • Four intrathecal injections of expanded umbilical cord tissue which is derived from stem cells.
  • Four physical therapy sessions till the end of medication.

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