HealthSuccess Rate of Stainless-steel Crowns Placed on Permanent Molars among Adolescents.

Success Rate of Stainless-steel Crowns Placed on Permanent Molars among Adolescents.


Adolescents are at the high risk of developing caries due to increased intake of sugars and carbohydrates. The present popularity of junk food and drinks amongst them indicates so. They are more susceptible to molar decay even in the prime of their age as adults later on. The permanent tooth takes over the primary ones almost completely by the age of 12 years. The initial stages of decay can be effectively treated with a mere filling but, as it spreads a crown becomes a good option to protect the anterior tooth assuring the heavy function of crushing and grinding ingested food.

The stainless steel crown would be the cheapest solution with the perks of easy installation. If the color seems bothersome then one can always look out for the porcelain fused into metal (PFM) crowns. The procedure of seating the crown is pain free, apart from the removal of the decay which is done with local anesthesia. Several studies and researches have been conducted to determine the success rate of the stainless steel crown for pediatric dentistry and even on adults. They all point to the high rate of success or effectiveness with rare exceptions. 

Witness significant rates of success 70-90% with the prefabricated stainless steel crowns available for ready use with the dentist. In most cases, there is just the procedure to trim and contour the crown to adapt, replicate with the buccal surface and gingival line for comfort post treatment. This success rate is the highest in case of the clinical applications of dental crowns. The anterior tooth can make use of this protection which lasts for 10-15 years and sometimes even a lifetime.  The stainless steel crown tooth also has veneered versions for the front tooth restorations.

These stainless steel crowns for adults can be relied upon with the budget of $300-$500. It can be carried out in a single appointment with the dentist. Unlike other temporary restorative techniques involving resin, amalgam and composites, the stainless steel tooth crown fares well as a wholesome protection for the adolescent stage permanent teeth. Cost effectiveness is the main reason behind its popularity amongst dental restorations. That coupled with poor aesthetics can be concealed with their limited use on the molars and premolars.

The crowning of the treated tooth, unlike a filling, is comparatively restorative, adaptive to the tooth morphology- exactly like the real tooth, maintains the integrity of the dental arch and preserves the tooth morphology. The white crowns are excellent on tooth aesthetics but their cost surges up along with the treatment of caries, depending on the  material selected for replicating the tooth.


The adolescent molars are sturdy enough compared to the kids affected with caries. Sometimes, the feeble primary tooth is treated temporarily for later visits once the child enters teenage and is able to face strenuous dental procedures. The pediatric stainless steel crowns are successful with the primary molars but more successful on permanent teeth as they are meant to last and not fall out when the former does naturally. 

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