HealthTips to Improve Your Concentration

Tips to Improve Your Concentration

In this digital world, there are a thousand means to distract us. No matter how much effort we put into our work sitting at the desk, we often lose concentration. Lack of focus and concentration is a common problem faced by most of us in our day-to-day lifestyle. It’s one of the greatest maladies of the present generation. Everyone wants to learn how to improve their concentration and focus better. Here are a few tips on how to improve concentration for a better output.

Eliminate distractions

Although it seems impossible to completely eliminate all the distractions of the modern digital world, with patience and practice one may obviously achieve it. We often face situations where we are so much bombarded with information that we become confused on what point we should really focus on. Hence to improve your concentration and get the most out of your time, practice blocking your schedule with specific tasks or duties.

Try changing your habit of looking into multiple pieces of information that you really don’t need. Close the tabs directing to social media and other unnecessary websites that are of no use to your work. Try to completely focus on the work that you need to complete and nothing else. Shutting off all the unnecessary internal and external disturbances can really help you improve concentration.

Prevent multitasking

With a huge workload and limited time, we often opt for multitasking as the only solution to complete all assigned work before the deadline. Multitasking might seem to be an effective way of being productive. But if we look into the bigger picture, it actually lowers your focus, concentration, and work productivity.

Examples of multitasking include listening to an audio file while responding to an email or talking to someone while writing a report or something. This kind of multitasking, although it might make you feel smarter at the moment, actually lowers your ability to focus and concentrate. Thus degrading your overall work quality. 

Practise meditation and mindfulness

Besides practicing the basic tricks to improve your concentration, it’s extremely important to learn how to strengthen your mental fitness and focus better. Meditation is a common practice that lets both our mind and body relax and helps us become calm. The practice of meditation involves the process of focusing on our breath and through the creation of your own Personalized Meditation Practices, with the assistance of you will be able to find stress relief or create resilience or enable physical or emotional healing. Once we fully concentrate on our breathing procedure, we stop getting distracted by our minds. With time and practice, we can learn how to hold our attention to any particular subject without getting distracted by external influences. In reference to improving your cognitive functioning, a few brain-boosting nootropics made with natural ingredients can also help you stay sharp.

Get sufficient sleep

Getting sufficient hours of sound sleep is a key point to improve your focus and concentration. There are multiple factors that generally affect your sleep. Out of the many factors, one of the most common factors is staring at your computer or cell phone screen before going to bed. According to scientists, watching TV or looking at your cell phone can stimulate the retina of your eye and prevent the secretion of melatonin, a chemical that promotes sleep.

Hence if you want to have a good night’s sleep, try avoiding the use of all these gadgets before getting into your bed. Other common ways to promote better sleep involve staying hydrated throughout the day, reading books before getting into bed, practicing a few breathing exercises to calm your mind, and most importantly, maintaining a fixed routine to get into the bed.

Take short breaks in between

Taking frequent breaks in between your work, although might seem to be a complete waste of time and a way of distraction, in the real picture, will only help improve your focus and concentration. Focusing on a particular thing for quite a long time can actually break your concentration.

Even scientists and researchers suggest that taking a few small breaks in between your work can help improve your concentration as the human brain tends to ignore the sources of constant stimulation. So, the next time you are working on any project and want to get the most out of it, get out for small breaks to improve both your concentration and performance.

Exercise daily

In our daily hectic work schedule, we can’t take out time to go jogging or do some freehand exercise. According to a publication by the Harvard men’s health watch, regular exercise can help release chemicals responsible for concentration and better mental health. While there is other research that suggests how physical exercise can boost brain chemicals like dopamine, dopamine, or norepinephrine. All these chemicals affect mood, concentration, and attention. It’s been also recorded by researchers that people who are actively engaged in some sort of physical exercise have better cognitive health than those who don’t work out daily.

The bottom line

Altogether, learning a few easy tips can help you improve your focus and concentration. Keeping a close eye on your daily activities and working under the right guidance and schedule can actually help you train your mind to focus on the most relevant thing and keep all other unimportant things aside. Besides, getting a few pieces of information from the journal HealthCanal can actually guide you on your journey to achieve better health both mentally and physically.

Lydia is Pearl Lemon Consulting’s Operations Director. She has been with Pearl Lemon since May of 2019. She started as a student getting more practical experience and academic credit. From there she moved up in the company to a full-time team member. She has watched PLG grow from a handful of people to a team more than 4x bigger. Outside of PLG, she is a mom of two, a certified beer server, doula, and florist

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