HealthTips To Start a Pediatric Speech Therapy Clinic in Australia

Tips To Start a Pediatric Speech Therapy Clinic in Australia


There are many reasons why you may want to start a pediatric speech therapy clinic in Australia. You have the opportunity to help children with speech, language, and communication disorders. You can also gain personal satisfaction and fulfillment while working with young people who need your expertise.

Perform Market Research

Start by performing market research to understand the market, your competitors, and your customers. You need to know what your customers want and how much they are willing to pay for it.

You also need to understand what is happening in your industry. For example: is it growing or declining? Are there any new trends happening? What are other businesses doing that’s working well for them?

Choose a Location

Choosing the location for your new pediatric speech therapy clinic is important. You will need to be near a hospital or clinic, as well as a place where parents can get off work and take their children to therapy. Being near public transportation is also crucial, as it will help you attract clients from other areas of the city.

Create a Detailed Business Plan

When you start a pediatric speech therapy clinic, you need to have a detailed business plan that includes:

  • A marketing plan. How are you going to market your services? Are you going to use social media or pay for advertising? What kind of marketing materials will you use, such as brochures and business cards? Be sure to include this in your budget.
  • A budget. You need to know the cost associated with starting up your pediatric speech therapy clinic before moving forward with any plans for growth (such as hiring staff). You can make a rough estimate of what it’ll cost by looking at similar clinics in your area, but if possible, talk directly with their owners about how much everything cost them when they first started so they can give accurate advice on what’s reasonable based on their own experience—and they’ll also be able to tell whether or not certain things are worth spending money on (such as expensive software).

Provide indoor playground

In addition to providing speech therapy services, your clinic should also have an indoor playground from playground equipment suppliers in Australia. You can use it as a meeting place for the parents and children of your patients to socialize and interact with each other. It’s also a great way to keep kids entertained while they’re waiting their turn in your clinic. The best part? It can be used as a marketing tool! If you want more people coming into your clinic, advertise that it has an indoor playground on top of offering speech therapy services.

Be qualified as a pediatric speech pathologist

If you want to start a pediatric speech therapy clinic, then you will need to be qualified as a pediatric speech pathologist like this paediatric speech therapy in Sydney. A pediatric speech pathologist is a health professional who specializes in the development of speech and language skills in children. This means you must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in speech pathology or communication disorders
  • At least three years of experience working with children aged three months to fourteen years old

Inquire about your patient’s NDIS plan

  • First, you should ask the patient.
  • Next, you should ask their parents.
  • Then, you should ask the speech therapist who referred them to you. This will provide insight into the child’s needs and what kind of therapy they need.
  • Finally, after doing all this legwork, you can then speak to your NDIS provider like this NDIS plan management in Perth about whether or not they are willing to cover your services in their plans (which may require further paperwork on your end).

Choose an Entity Type

The next step is to choose an entity type. You can do this by answering a few questions:

  • How much money do you want to invest? A sole proprietorship is the simplest type of business structure, but it also has the lowest legal protection and requires you to report all income on your tax return. If your business grows large enough, however, it may be beneficial to convert from a sole proprietorship into another type of entity (such as an LLC or corporation).
  • Do you plan on working alone or with a partner? A partnership is formed when two or more people work together toward common goals in exchange for splitting any profits made by the company. Partnerships are flexible structures that allow each partner complete control over their respective roles without having to worry about legal requirements such as annual reports or audits. Partnerships also offer limited liability protection—meaning that if one partner makes an error that leads to financial loss in the form of debt or lawsuits against them personally then other partners are not held responsible since they did not themselves make this mistake!

Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The EIN is a tax identification number that is used to file taxes. It will also be essential in opening a business bank account, applying for business licenses and permits, and other activities related to your clinic. The process of getting an EIN is simple:

  • Go on the Internal Revenue Service website (
  • Click “Employer Identification Number” under “Forms & Publications” on the left-hand side of their page
  • Follow their instructions from there

Set Up Your Practice’s Banking System and Accounting System

Setting up your practice’s banking system and accounting system is an important part of getting started. If you don’t have a bank account set up, it can cause a lot of stress, especially if you’re just starting. To avoid this stress, we recommend setting up all of your banking needs early on in the process—ideally before opening your doors for business!

Setting up an account with a bank that is close to where you live or work will be more convenient for you and will make it easier to manage everything from home or while on the go. If this isn’t possible though, don’t worry too much about it—just make sure that whatever bank account(s) you do choose are easy to access when needed so that there won’t be any issues later down the road!

Once you’ve decided which type of checking account(s) would work best for your practice (business vs personal), open one immediately! You’ll want these types of accounts set up by an opening day because then they won’t affect any potential customers who may want their separate accounts instead–making sure everyone gets exactly what they need from start-up through ongoing maintenance throughout years ahead.”

Secure Licenses, Permits, and Insurance Policies

Obtaining the proper licenses, permits, and insurance policies are essential to starting a pediatric speech therapy clinic in Australia.

  • Licenses are required for businesses operating in your area. There are different types of licenses you need to get depending on whether you want to run your speech therapy clinic as an incorporated business or as a sole proprietorship (the equivalent of a limited liability company). The type of license you choose will depend on your business model, as well as how many people work at the clinic and what services it offers.
  • Permits are needed by anyone who wants to operate a business within Australian borders. They include things like operating permits and occupational health and safety certificates that show that you comply with regulations set forth by various government agencies at both federal and state levels. These certificates can be obtained from local government offices once all necessary paperwork has been submitted and approved by relevant authorities.
  • Insurance policies protect businesses against claims made against them by third parties who receive services from their company’s employees or contractors (or even customers). For example: If one of your therapists injures someone while working on their behalf then this could lead to legal action being taken against them—or against their employer if they’re an employee rather than an independent contractor–which means that having insurance policies in place can help mitigate these kinds of risks before they become too costly!

Hire Staff

Hiring staff is an important step in opening your clinic. You need to hire people who understand your vision and will be willing to work towards this goal. You also need to hire people who are passionate about their work and have the skills required for the role. In addition to these qualities, your employees must be competent and reliable.

Keep your eyes on the prize

  • Keep your eyes on the prize

You have a goal, and it’s important to keep it at the forefront of your mind. Don’t take your eye off what you want to achieve. It’s easy to get distracted by other things, but if you do this, you’ll never reach your end goal.


In this post, we’ve talked about some of the most important things you need to do when starting your pediatric speech therapy clinic. By putting in the necessary work and doing your research, you’ll be well on your way to success!

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