HealthTooth Sensitivity: 5 Common Causes and Tips To Overcome the Discomfort

Tooth Sensitivity: 5 Common Causes and Tips To Overcome the Discomfort

Many people find happiness in the simplest of things, such as hot and cold drinks. However, sensitive teeth can utterly disrupt that moment and leave you wincing as you try to enjoy your happy beverage.

Daily routines such as brushing, flossing, and consuming food at various temperatures can become much more tedious for anyone with sensitive teeth. And in many cases, this condition could indicate an underlying issue regarding oral health.

Fortunately, tooth sensitivity can be easily managed using various methods, such as desensitizing toothpaste and maintaining healthy oral hygiene with an enamel-friendly diet.

However, if your tooth enamel has been compromised, then getting dental veneers in Dubai is the perfect option to alleviate your tooth sensitivity.

Nonetheless, figuring out the reason behind your sensitive teeth will play an important role in your treatment. Here are some common causes of dentin hypersensitivity:

1 – Too Many Acidic Foods and Beverages

We’re all aware of the numerous benefits of fruits, but did you know that too many fruits or too much juice can harm your precious whites? Many foods that we consume on a daily basis are more acidic than you think.

Fruit juice, sugary drinks, alcohol, and ketchup also pose a threat to your oral health if you consume them frequently and in large enough quantities. Avoiding acidic foods and drinks is a good idea if you want to preserve your teeth.

Pro Tip:

Using a straw minimizes the contact between the acids and your teeth, making it convenient for anyone looking to enjoy a delicious beverage without experiencing discomfort.

2 – Vigorously Brushing Your Teeth

The stronger we brush our teeth, the cleaner they get, right? Sadly, this popular belief does more harm than good, leading many people to wear down their teeth by using excessive force while brushing.

A hard-bristled toothbrush also contributes to the problem, as it harshly erodes the enamel, leaving the nerves exposed to different temperatures and acidic foods.

Pro Tip:

Practice safe brushing methods and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect your teeth; your toothbrush shouldn’t look deformed after you finish brushing.

3 – Using Tooth-Whitening Products

We all seek a bright and dazzling smile to flash confidently to the world. However, have you ever noticed how using tooth-whitening toothpaste regularly makes your teeth more sensitive than usual?

The bleaching chemicals used in teeth whitening rid the enamel of its minerals, leaving it open and porous, therefore more vulnerable and sensitive. 

Pro Tip:

Make sure you discuss the matter thoroughly with your dentist prior to getting your teeth whitened so that you are aware of all the repercussions and if there are any practices you should follow after the procedure.

Don’t forget that you can get the dental treatment you need to achieve the perfect smile at one of the best dental clinics in Dubai.

4 – Bruxism

Teeth grinding is a leading cause of tooth sensitivity. Similar to hard brushing, the constant friction on the teeth wears down the enamel and exposes the nerves over time, leaving the tooth’s core unprotected.

Although many people might be aware of grinding their teeth, bruxism often occurs during sleep, when the person cannot consciously stop themselves and relax their jaw muscles.

Pro Tip:

Consult your dentist on ways to manage your bruxism. Using a mouthguard at night might be life-changing. 

5- Tartar

Tartar is an issue that many suffer from. It happens when plaque builds up on and around the tooth, slowly pushing the gums behind and causing complications. 

One of its complications is dentin hypersensitivity, as the gums are pushed off the tooth’s root and replaced with a layer of calculus, leaving the roots defenseless against sensitivity triggers.

Pro Tip:

Practice good oral hygiene care and visit the dentist regularly to clean any tartar build-up before it forms a tough problem that would be more challenging to solve.

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