Women's HealthWellness practises for women in their 40's

Wellness practises for women in their 40’s

Women in their 40’s should look after their well-being. Every woman in their 40’s needs to know the benefits of being healthy and stress-free.

We live our lives running after our daily chores and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves; when we do so, the results are catastrophic.

In your 40s, the body tends to slow down in its ability to adapt. As a result, you start feeling fatigued, losing mental acuity, and various health complications like blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer.

When you are young and ambitious, wellness programs don’t seem as vital as they do when you reach your 40s. So it is imperative that you make them a priority at this stage of life.

Stress-free living and a healthy lifestyle will help you live peacefully for a longer time.

There are several beneficial practises that women should follow in their 40s if they want optimum health and longevity:

Don’t Neglect Your Skin

There’s a saying that how you look in your 30’s is a good gift and how you look in your 50’s is all you have done to take care of  your health. How you look is very much concerned with what you eat. After the age of 25 your body gradually reduces in the collagen level by 1% each year.

Collagen is the hormone that is responsible for your skin elasticity and skin health in all ways. Due to the loss of collagen, your skin starts to show aging signs, which is what you might never like to see. So keeping your body up to date by adding some supplements and foods that have anti aging properties are the best thing to do.

Ofcouse, it is important to take care of your skin safely from external factors too such as pollution, UV rays and others. Make sure to use cleanser, lotions , toners to protect the skin’s moisture. Drink an adequate amount of water every day. Reduce or if you can then totally stop consuming alcohol and stop smoking as it gradually stops your skin to produce collagen in your body and you may lose firmness and skin elasticity. 

Take Care of Your Sexual Health 

You get older and your body also starts to change internally as well as externally. There are multiple factors that are responsible for this change, one of the most important factor includes hormone changes in your body.

Well, there is nothing to worry about as you can consult your doctor and ask for suggestions and medicines that are beneficial to enhance your sex life. Sex might be the better option for your body considering several factors.

Life becomes less chaotic when you reach your 40’s and it is the best time to improve your personal life, so spending quality time with your partner and improving sexual health as well would be the great thing that you do to your body.

Role of Psychic readings in your wellbeing

A Psychic can help you see where your life is out of balance and what you can do to shift it.

So often get stuck in routines, patterns, habits, and ways of thinking that cause us stress, negativity, and unhappiness.

Seeing a Wellbeing Reader can be an essential part of self-development.

A professional intuitive reader will show you how to recognize the negative things coming into your life, dispel them with positive energy, and bring in new opportunities for happiness and success

You can decide to consult the best one after reading credible psychic source reviews and then make up your mind.

 Yes you heard it right- Digital detox

The fact is we need to unplug, disconnect and step away from our devices once in a while.

This can be done simply by turning your phone off at night or when you go out with friends, or go on a real vacation where you leave your technology behind.

It’s easy to become dependent on technology and overly focused on keeping up to date with information because we feel like it’s what we have to do to make sure we stay successful at work and keep up with everyone else.

When you take time for yourself and allow yourself to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature, it has been shown that people have more energy and feel happier overall.

Move your body

Over 40? Get moving. Your body needs it! As we age, our bodies become less limber and slower.

This can lead to a cycle of decreased mobility, less physical activity and illness or disease. Keep your beautiful body moving!

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or intense – just do something daily that gets your joints moving or your heart pumping.

 For me, it’s walking my dog for 15-20 minutes every morning and regular hot yoga sessions to keep the blood flowing through my body.

Take care of your gut

Digestive problems such as bloating and gas are common symptoms of a gut health issue.

Many factors can contribute to digestive issues, including eating too many processed foods and foods that contain gluten, low fiber intake, being over-stressed, consuming too much sugar and eating too few nutrient-dense foods.

Gut health has an impact on our overall health and wellbeing—from our energy levels to our mental clarity to our skin’s appearance and therefore it should be taken very seriously by indulging in a nutritious and healthy diet while avoiding junk food items.

Check-ups for women turning 40

Diabetes screening

It is normal that people get lazies and take stress as they grow old. Also, technology makes our life so comfortable and provides us with plenty of facilities. And we get used to the comfort and start to follow a sedentary lifestyle. Consequences are obesity, abnormal weight gain, also if your family has any medical record in such disease then chances are higher that you may be at the risk of diabetes. So it is recommended that you take tests often within the period of two or three months to stay aware. 

Blood pressure test

Heart attack, kidney failure, stroke are the diseases that have major chances to occur in your 40’s or above . Because women who have reached their 40’s or 50’s have higher chances of high blood pressure. So it is necessary to monitor the Blood pressure oftenly.

Cholesterol test

There are several factors that contribute to raising high cholesterol such as lifestyle, your family history, and some health conditions. Additionally, type 2 diabetes also raises bad cholesterol and enhances the chances for heart diseases. So it is recommended that you take a test every year.

Pap smear test

One of the most common cancers in women in the world  is cervical cancer. Pap smear is the test that is done as a part of cervical cancer screening. This test is suggested to be done every 3 years . They take a few cells off your cervix and put it under a microscope to check for any abnormal changes. 

Breast exam

Okay so now the second most prevalent cancer in women is breast cancer. However, for this you can also do self examination, along with an yearly test called mammogram to diagnose these kinds of cancers. If you find anything abnormal without any further delay you should take treatment for the one.

Eye check-up

It would be great if you undergo an eye check up every year, especially if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or any other kind of eye related disease. 

Skin check

It is said that our skin is the mirror to all kinds of issues that happen inside our body, if there is anything abnormal inside your body then it will eventually show outside onto your skin in the form of spots, pigmentation,pimples etc. If you find these changes on your skin then you must see a doctor to prevent any serious illness.

Women in their 40’s must adopt some lifestyle changes to make sure they don’t face any kind of serious health issues. It is not compulsory that you spend 3 to 4 hours in a gym to stay fit and do hardcore exercises. If you only give some of your time about 30 to 40 mins a day to walk and some time for yoga then that would be sufficient for your overall health.

Also including healthy eating habits along with it is recommended to give your body all the essential nutrients that it requires to function well. Utilize some time on self reflection activities and meditation to reduce anxiety or stress. Along with all these things you can actually pick a new habit of journaling as it is the best habit to know your mind and heart and also to reflect on yourself.

Path to improved wellness

As you reach your 40s, what you eat becomes even more crucial. Women require protein, which may be found in foods like meat, fish, dairy, beans, and nuts, as well as whole grains, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

These foods have been associated with the prevention of a number of diseases, including osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and a few types of cancer.

In order to increase access to healthy food, the American Academy of Family Physicians advocates the creation of supply chains for nutritious foods in supplemental nutrition programmes.


Alright! It is time to ask yourself a question. Am I doing what is necessary for my overall health? Ask this question to yourself and reflect on your habits – if you find that you haven’t then it is the time to start taking care of your physical and mental health to stay fit and healthy in your coming age. 

Here, I have listed down some guidance that will help you to achieve the same goal.

  • Including colorful vegetables such as dark green leafy vegetables, all types of papers, beans, peas, mushrooms, pumpkins are very essential for your skin as well as your overall health. As you grow old your body slows down and its strength to fight certain diseases decrease so keeping your body healthy by adding nutrition into your diet is crucial. 
  • Okay many of you are those who are picky in their food. So stop being choosy when it comes to your food, and eat plenty of fruits of all kinds to keep up all the vitamins and nutritions in your body. External supplements won’t work if you are not healthy internally.
  • As we all know the importance of grains in your diet. We have varieties of grains available in the market which have loads of protein and fiber inclined in it. Eating just one kind is not enough, so adding all types of whole grains and millets in your diet will be the best choice for you. Make a diet plan like when and how you want to eat it and prepare accordingly. 
  • No dairy products are prohibited as long as it has low fat in it. Whether it’s milk, cheese, paneer, soy products etc . you can have all.
  • Protein is very essential for you to reduce your carb craving , also it builds your muscle and strengthens your body and mind. These days you have a variety of dishes that you can prepare by yourself to eat plenty of protein such as protein salads, stir fried vegetables, chicken dishes, grilled chicken and types of soups. Inshort the motive is to include protein in almost all meals in a day. Healthy protein includes (lean meat (chicken), nuts, beans and peas, seeds, eggs,seafood, and soy products)
  • Always prefer healthy oils in your food. There are so many types of oils but having it in small amounts is necessary. If it is healthy that doesn’t mean you can have plenty of it. 

Additionally, women should consume:

  • added sugars (desserts and processed foods) –  less than 10% / day
  • saturated fats (red meat, high-fat dairy) –  less than 10% / day
  • sodium – less than 2300 mg/ day
  • You shouldn’t consume alcohol more than once a day if you drink.
  • Calcium(ca), dietary fiber, potassium(p), vitamin A and vitamin C are the essentials.

Eat breakfast

Your breakfast is your first meal of the day after an overnight fast. So it is really important that you eat breakfast containing lots of protein, green veg, carbs and seasonal fruits as this is the fuel for your body to run all day long. 

Also, research shows that people lose metabolism by 2% every decade. Eating breakfast goes well with your metabolism as study shows that your metabolism is at peak in the morning and helps you in your daily activity. 

Additionally, studies show that women who eat breakfast are able to lose more weight than those who avoid or eat in less quantity. 

Your body has its own needs like how much food it requires, if you keep avoiding breakfast then ultimately, you are more prone to late night snacks which is absolutely bad for your health. So skipping late night food and including breakfast is the wise decision for all women. 


When we think of exercise , most people make it a huge deal for themselves and it sounds like they need to put lots of effort doing the same and will have to invest hours and hours in the gym for the same.

However, it is not the case, you just have to give a few minutes from your day , just pick any time that is suitable for you like at home or near a garden or somewhere you feel fresh. Do some squats and crunches, and walk at atleast 30 min a day.

It would be sufficient if you do it on a daily basis. Main motive is to reduce the sedentary lifestyle and make it more active and peaceful.    

Take calcium and vitamin D

We usually take care of those things that are visible, but there are few things that are not visible but are equally important to take care of the way you do for such organs that are visible to you.

Like your bones, it is the main thing that makes you capable of doing everything in your life , so keep in mind that you take care of it by providing essential nutrients and vitamins that are really essential for your bones. Like vitamin D and calcium. 

Protein is the fuel for your mood and brain. 

Try increasing your protein intake if you’re prone to becoming depressed.

A minimum of twice daily consumption of foods containing all the necessary amino acids for the formation of complete proteins raises brain levels of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, which can help with symptoms of depression and memory loss.

Aim for four ounces of protein every meal from sources like fish, eggs, and quinoa, but don’t forget to consume carbs as well, which can improve mood by boosting serotonin levels in the brain.


Your hormone (estrogen) levels decrease around age 40. Your insulin levels will increase as a result, which aids your body in utilizing sugar. Your thyroid function declines. Your appetite is increased by this mixture.

In the end, you consume more calories than you expend. Your tummy area is where you gain the majority of the weight. Increase your intake of fiber-rich foods like berries, whole grains, and nuts to help you feel full and eat less.

After age 40, aim for 25 grams of fiber each day. Other strategies for boosting metabolism include:

  • Make sure to Eat breakfast.
  • Exercise everyday
  • Drink cold water frequently.
  • Take adequate sleep
  • Eat spicy food that helps to maintain metabolism.

Mind your mind

Staying mindful as a woman over 40 is vital for overall holistic well-being.

In addition, as you get closer to menopause, it is essential to stay stress-free and keep your body healthy by practicing mindfulness which can enhance self-awareness, improve emotional regulation and reduce anxiety.

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