HealthWhat Can Go Wrong with Your Abortion Pill?

What Can Go Wrong with Your Abortion Pill?

The decision to abort a pregnancy can be a tricky one. Especially in cases of complicated pregnancies or other medical issues, a woman may have to go through a challenging process of abortion. Although there are many more new methods of abortion today, however, using the abortion pill remains one of the oldest and safest ways of ensuring unwanted deliveries, or may terminating the life-threatening ones in terms of medical emergencies.

According to studies, first-time parents go through severe trauma in case they have to terminate their pregnancies due to medical complications. This makes them stressed and couples might go through relationship issues as well. however, many cope with it bravely and stay together to support each other. In either case, the trauma and stress of the termination take a toll more on the mother than the father. The physical pain, inconvenience, and mental stress can come together as a life-long burden.

However, an abortion pill can help prevent dangerous pregnancies, both for the mother and the child. In this case, the doctors conduct the termination procedure under medical supervision. For this, pills remain the safest method. Besides, unwanted pregnancies are also prevented through this safe method of taking a pill. This pill, however, can be taken in many ways such as oral intake, or vaginal insertion.

Sometimes, people order abortion pills at home. They can arrive on time and conveniently for the couples as this method saves them from the social stigma and embarrassment of buying the pills from the stores in front of everyone. This method keeps other people’s judgments at bay. However, there are some issues with home-delivered pills. For instance;

  • The right pill may not reach to you

Sometimes, the pills can be changed or the order can be mistaken. In these rare mishaps by the courier companies or the pharmacies, the customer may feel frustrated as the pill needs to be taken on time. In such cases, it might get too late to take the pill!

Besides, the right pill can be compromised if not taken care of by the delivery and dispatch systems. In either case, the customer remains in an uncertain situation.

  • The dispatch temperatures might damage the pill

Sometimes, the outside temperatures and the ones in which the pills have been kept in the pharmacies, do not match one another. If kept under heat for too long, the pills may get damaged and thus side effects may arise on their consumption. Doctors suggest never consuming such pills that have been exposed to an extreme temperature in a short period of time.

What comes in the pill pack?

When you order your abortion pill pack, you should expect a bunch of other things to come along with it. They are meant to provide you with expert help and convenience so that you could tackle the abortion issue yourself in the safest way possible. Also, a detailed guide is provided for starters.

Here are a few things that your pill pack will be having in it:

  1. Abortion pills

These will be of a few types with specific features, purposes, and dosage guidance. These are required to be taken in a certain way which will be described in the package.

In case of side effects or bleeding, you are instructed to inform your doctor immediately.

  • Painkillers 

Painkillers are given in cases of painful procedures. This normally happens if the body has already conceived and thus the pill aborts the process of further development. In this case, bleeding may occur which indicated successful abortion of the pregnancy. But unusual or excessive bleeding may cause severe damage therefore, it must be reported to the doctor.

  • Low sensitivity pregnancy test kit

In case of another pregnancy test for confirmation, the pill pack provides the receiver with another test kit, just for convenience.

  • Contraceptive pills

If prescribed or ordered to prevent further pregnancies, the pill pack may also include contraceptives.

Although the abortion procedure is quite normal and frequent around the world, it can sometimes be a bit serious and complicated. In such situations, the abortion pill might not be enough and surgical procedures might be used to save the mother. Thus, one should always opt for the method that suits their needs.

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