DentalWhat to Look for When in Need of a New Family Dentist

What to Look for When in Need of a New Family Dentist

Good dental health doesn’t just give people a beautiful smile; it is a necessity for maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle for adults and children alike. However, finding a good dental professional, you can entrust with the dental health of your whole family is a totally different ball game. It isn’t enough to just pick the first dental practice you find from an online search; choosing a new family dentist for your loved ones takes a lot of careful consideration, which is why we have compiled a helpful checklist to aid your search.

Proper qualification and experience

This is one of the first things you should inquire about when looking for a new family dentist. If possible, contact their practice and ask questions about their licensing, certifications and even insurance. Any qualified dental practice should have no problem providing you with proof of these things.

In fact, many dentists nowadays have information about their qualifications and experience available on their website to help you decide if you want to choose them. Having a good knowledge about the qualifications of your new family dentist will ultimately put you at ease and help you build trust in their capabilities. 

Comprehensive care

The job of your family dentist will be to cater to the different dental needs of each member of your family, and these needs tend to change at different stages of their lives. The new family dentist you go for should be able to accommodate and help with each of these needs. This is why you should go for a dental practice which offers an array of preventative and comprehensive care treatments. 

Local Sutton Dentists may have an extensive treatment menu which may include treatments such as; children’s orthodontic, cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, smile makeover), dental implants, Invisalign braces, wisdom teeth extraction, facial aesthetics, composite bonding and veneers, dentures, general dentistry and the services of a dental hygienist.

Dental technology 

Dentistry has seen a lot of changes in recent years because of the incorporation of modern technology and equipment to make dental procedures more efficient and comfortable. Things like digital dental x-rays (which use up to 90% less radiation) are more comfortable than traditional ones. Laser dentistry is also a patient favourite because of how comfortable it makes their procedures. 

Ensure that you ask your potential family dentist about the type of dental technology they use before you make any commitments.


This is another important factor to keep in mind when choosing a family dentist. For better convenience, ensure that the practice you go for is located close to your home or office. This is also important in case of dental emergencies. Not to mention when your dentist is conveniently located near you, going for routine dental checks with your family won’t be a hassle. 

After-hours emergency care

Dental emergencies happen. Perhaps your kid fell while playing and chipped a tooth. It is crucial that your family dentist can accommodate you when these emergencies happen.

Friendly environment

A family dentist will have to interact with and care for every member of your family. This includes infants, teenagers and the elderly. For this reason, it is crucial that you go to dental practices like Sherwood Park Dental Practice, where the environment and staff are professional, approachable, friendly and guaranteed to have you and your family feeling right at home.

Good patient reviews and feedback

If you’re not fully convinced about a particular dentist, leverage the Internet to read reviews left by past and current patients about the practice. Read about their quality of service, how they accommodate kids and patient outcomes from different dental procedures.


Finding a family dentist that is right for you and your family is something that takes a lot of research and careful consideration. This is because you have to consider the dental needs of your loved ones while factoring in things like location and budget. Ultimately, there are a lot of good family dentists out there, so follow your instincts and go for a practice you feel is right for you.

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