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Why Do We Hear About Delta 8 So Much?

D8 THC is an uncontrolled hemp-derived compound. Hundreds of combinations exist due to the cannabis plant, which may interact with the human body. D9 THC and cannabidiol are the two most frequent compounds found in cannabis plants (CBD). There are currently no laws governing childproof packaging, laboratory testing, unambiguous D8 product dose, or potency labeling. You can try Moonwlkr delta 8 to experience the benefits. 

What is D8 THC, and how does it work?

D8 is very uncommon. So, D8 THC has received microscopic human study. D8, on the other hand, has been demonstrated in laboratory and animal experiments to exhibit effects comparable to the more common and well-known THC (D9).

Both D8 and D9 create their mind-altering effects by connecting to CB1 receptors found throughout the brain. Although D8 is widely referred to as “diet weed” and promoted as a lesser form of THC, there are contradictory animal studies and insufficient human research to clarify this claim.

How can you tell whether you have purchased D8 THC?

D8 products are most readily present on the internet, in cigarette stores, and in places where cannabis is prohibited. It is available as vape cartridges, edibles, pills, and tinctures, among other sites. It is even in hemp flowers that have D8 oil.

D8 product packaging and labeling may be pretty confusing and deceptive. You are most likely looking at a D8 THC product if it is one of the following:

  • Weed for weight loss
  • cannabis that is not too strong
  • Hemp D8
  • CBD D8
  • Something that allows you to get a “legal high.”

Is D8 THC legal in the United States?

The Farm Bill, which authorized compounds produced from hemp, was enacted by the United States Congress in 2018. So long as the primary material for a D8 product is hemp-derived CBD, it is legally lawful. Several states, however, have outlawed the sale of D8 THC products, claiming public health and safety concerns.

What are the risks associated with D8 THC?

Purchasing D8 goods is essentially the same as purchasing black-market cannabis. Pure D8, like ordinary THC, cannot cause death from an overdose in healthy persons. However, since the hemp industry is unregulated, these goods might contain pollutants with heavy metals, herbicides, mold, and residual chemicals due to the production process.

Many individuals have mistakenly ingested too much D8, not intending to feel high since mixing it with hemp or CBD products is straightforward. For someone who was not anticipating any psychoactive effects, these adverse side effects would be Very concerning:

  • Panic, anxiety, or fear
  • Problems with thought and physical coordination
  • Hearing or seeing things
  • Irrational ideas or a sense that you are not yourself

What should you do if you are experiencing significant D8 THC side effects?

If you feel the symptoms above, know that they are temporary and will pass. It might take 12 hours to feel normal after accidentally ingesting too much D8 in edible form. While there is no cure for too much D8, there are many self-care practices you may do while you wait for the symptoms to subside. However, if you experience trouble breathing or have any other significant concerns, you should contact Poison Control or the nearest emergency room.

What distinguishes D8 THC from ordinary THC?

D8 poses the most extraordinary dangers owing to a lack of control, not the chemical itself.

Because D8’s widespread usage is so new, it is too early to tell whether it is addictive. However, given its comparable effects and how it affects the brain, D8 is highly likely to have the same hazards as cannabis, including dependency and addiction. D8 THC consumption, like cannabis, has several significant dangers in some groups, including:

  • Teenagers
  • Those who are expecting a child or are nursing
  • People who are suffering from significant mental illnesses
  • People who have underlying heart problems

Is it true that D8 foods are less dangerous than D8 vape cartridges?

According to animal research, vaporized D8 THC is less intoxicating than Delta-9 THC. However, no direct comparison of their effects on humans exists. Lung damage is another potential concern with D8. It is unclear if D8 or other vape components like vitamin E acetate are responsible for the toxicity.

THC edibles have highly rigorous dose and labeling requirements in legal cannabis markets. Even with strict restrictions, it is quite possible to drink too much and have harmful consequences. Because D8 edibles are not labeled or have serving size restrictions, they are at a higher risk of side effects.

D8 edibles, contrary to popular belief, provide essentially similar mind-altering effects as conventional THC edibles. The body breaks down D9 and D8 in the same manner when fed (the liver converts them into an even more powerful chemical). Furthermore, D8’s reputation as “cannabis lite” is particularly concerning for edibles.

What is the safest amount of D8 to consume?

Pure D8 is equally as safe as D9 from a medical viewpoint. However, there is no proven safe quantity since purity cannot be guaranteed (due to lack of regulation). Additional study and research are required to figure out what a typical serving size of D8 should be. In the places where it is legal, Delta 8 may be available in most stores and dispensaries. However, you may come across some poor items in these locations. This factor is because the finest D8 brands on the internet give independent lab findings and user reviews to study before you buy. Overall, purchasing D8 items online is the safest option.

Before eating any D8 products, it is always good to see your doctor. There is a chance it may induce an unpleasant reaction if you are already using any prescription drugs. So, it is preferable to seek medical advice first.

Staying educated is the most significant way to defend yourself. Experts recommend conducting as much research as possible. We will discover a lot more about Delta 8 in the future years, given how fresh it is.

D9 THC drugs are now a safer option than D8 THC products since they have comparable effects and are already heavily regulated. Further study and more controls are required before D8 goods may be declared safe to ingest.


The D8 molecule is unlikely to be any more harmful than D9 THC. However, the manufacturing process for D8 goods allows many possibilities for a mistake and accidental poisoning by other severe chemicals. You do not benefit from licensed cannabis products since D8 THC is now in a legal gray area. Other fundamental safety precautions are missing, such as lab testing, correct labeling, and childproof packaging. Please take these products in moderation. Otherwise, you risk facing potentially adverse impacts. If you feel any symptoms emerging, please visit the emergency room.

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