DentalWhy Do You Need to Choose Invisalign Instead Of Braces?

Why Do You Need to Choose Invisalign Instead Of Braces?

Do you wish you could straighten your teeth without using metal braces? Choose invisible braces. As the name suggests, invisible braces use nearly invisible top and bottom aligners to reposition your teeth until they are perfectly aligned gradually.

The orthodontic industry has been transformed by invisible braces. Previously, the only option for people who wanted straighter teeth was to wear traditional metal braces.

Clear aligner braces may be a good alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment if you dislike metal wires and brackets. If you’re thinking about getting braces, consider these top reasons why you should go with invisible braces.

1.    Easily Cleanable

Sometimes it can be challenging to clean your teeth while wearing braces properly. When food gets stuck in difficult-to-reach places, dental hygiene can suffer if the area is not properly cleaned.

However, affordable invisible alignersare simple to remove and clean. Because invisible braces are fully removable, you won’t need to worry about brushing or flossing in the spaces between the brackets and wires. The ability to brush and floss as usual can help safeguard your oral health.

2.    Good Oral Health Practices

Since clear invisible aligners can be taken out, you can keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine without any problems. After all, brushing and flossing at least twice a day is much simpler when you don’t have to clean around braces.

Food frequently becomes stuck in hard-to-reach spaces when wearing traditional metal braces. Being careless with your oral health can result in cavities, gum disease, and other problems because the plaque on your teeth feeds on sugar.

Simply remove your invisible clear aligners, gently brush them at the same time that you normally brush and floss, and then put them in your mouth.

3.    Fewer Visits to the Orthodontist

Patients with braces must make several trips to the orthodontist to have their wires tightened. On the other hand, patients who use invisible aligners receive multiple sets of aligners that they can easily swap out on their own.

Although patients seeking clear aligners dental treatmentalso visit their orthodontist regularly to monitor their progress, these visits are typically less frequent than tightening appointments for braces, typically scheduled every 4 to 8 weeks.

4.    No FoodLimitations

Following the placement of their braces, orthodontists advise their patients to refrain from chewing gum or eating specific foods. Sadly, some patients choose to ignore this and end up breaking their brackets or wires.

You won’t have to deal with any food restrictions if you choose Invisible braces. Because Invisible aligners are removable, you can eat whatever you want without worrying about your teeth getting damaged.

5.    Avoid Sharp Edges

Metal brackets could scrape your mouth’s soft tissues. The inside of your cheek can also be pricked by long wires that haven’t been properly trimmed. Invisible clear bracesare more comfortable because there are no sharp edges to cut you while you’re in between appointments.

You will experience pressure on your teeth for the first few days after receiving your new aligners. This pressure is an indication that your aligners are realigning your teeth. Many patients think having gorgeous, healthy smiles is worth the brief discomfort.

Teeth aligners don’t need to be tightened during appointments as braces do. Instead, before providing you with the next set of aligners in your series, SDalign’s dentists for invisible braces will evaluate your progress. Each set will bring you a step closer to having a gorgeous, healthy smile.

6.    No Discoloration

Some people with braces notice slight staining of their teeth where the brackets were. Usually, this only happens if the patient consumes a lot of sugar or other foods that stain.

While there is a slight possibility that wearing braces will result in tooth discoloration, invisible dental braces eliminate this possibility. Since the aligners are not affixed to your teeth, you can easily give each tooth a thorough cleaning.

7.    Virtually Invisible

The fact that traditional braces look unattractive is one of the most frequent criticism directed against them. Your smile is something that everyone sees, so braces might not be necessary to hide it.

Although it’s never too late to straighten your teeth, not everyone is a good candidate for a mouthful of metal. Clear aligners are effective at realigning teeth and are barely noticeable to family, friends, and coworkers.

You deserve to have a smile you can proudly display during and after treatment, regardless of age. You can do that thanks to the discreet appearance of affordable clear aligners.

Fortunately, invisible braces can provide the same outcomes as braces without being as obvious. Because the invisible aligners are made of transparent plastic, they are essentially undetectable when you smile.

8.    More Quick And Beautiful Results

As every patient is unique, the time period of orthodontic treatment can vary, whether you choose traditional braces or adult invisible braces. However, patients who use clear aligners typically see the desired results in 12 months or less.Each set of aligners needs to be used for about 10 to 14 days for this timeline to be feasible.

What Is Involved InInvisible Braces Treatment?

Your dentist will examine your mouth and go over the best course of action for your condition during your initial visit.Following the examination, your dentist will use a 3D intraoral scanner to scan your teeth digitally.

You will be able to see a 3D image of your teeth both before and after the procedure, thanks to this. As a result, your dentist can keep track of your development as the procedure continues.

A box of clear, individually made illusion aligners will be sent to you a few weeks after your consultation and will be ready for use. According to your dentist’s instructions, each aligner should be worn for a minimum of three weeks. Following this time frame, you will swap out the current aligner for the new one.

You must see your dentist every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the procedure to assess your progress. At this appointment, you will also get your new set of aligners.

Your new, straighter smile will start to take shape as you move through each aligner. It’s important to wear your invisible aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours every day to achieve the best results.

Bottom Line

Braces aren’t always a bad thing; they have their own benefits and can address a wider range of issues. However, there are also very real advantages to using invisible aligners in place of braces. Contact SDalign if you’re interested in invisible braces or any of the other orthodontic services.

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