DiseasesBleeding Gums: All You Need to Know About Gum Care and Treatments

Bleeding Gums: All You Need to Know About Gum Care and Treatments

Seeing gums bleed while brushing in the morning could be scary. There is no doubt you need immediate medical attention, but you should not panic as bleeding could be easily cured by dental health professionals. It is a fact that teeth remain the top focus when it comes to dental aesthetics, but without healthy gums, you cannot have healthy teeth to smile with confidence. Although very common, bleeding gum could be an early sign of gum disease. It is better to consult your dentist in Central Coast at the earliest as ignoring it for long could lead to the breakdown of connective tissues and bones, and permanent loss of natural teeth. Why sacrifice the natural strength of your dental system when you can keep your gums healthy by knowing these simple facts:    

Reasons for Bleeding Gums

Sticky film-like build-up along and under the gum line, called plaques, infested with harmful bacteria, is the main cause of gum inflammation and resulting bleeding. The bacterial infection starts with inflammation of gums, which could lead to tissue, bone, and teeth decay.

Sometimes gums could bleed due to injury caused by wrong and aggressive brushing and flossing. It will heal normally without medications, but if bleeding is persistent you should consult your dentist in Gosford as it could be due to other underlying factors like nutrition, hormonal changes, or immunological response to some medications. If it is gingivitis, meaning not severe, then it could be treated and healthy gums could be restored. But if it has developed into more severe periodontitis, you will need more medical intervention to prevent further damage to tissues, bones, and teeth.  

Prevention is better than cure, so follow a healthy oral care regimen to keep your oral space bacteria-free. Only a detailed diagnosis can help you know the exact cause of gum bleeding, so get in touch with your dentist immediately so that he could recommend suitable treatment to keep your gums and teeth healthy. 

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Ways to Cure Bleeding Gums

In most cases, people ignore initial signs of gum bleeding as it heals naturally. The onset of gum disease is gradual and painless, so people wait for it to heal naturally. Unfortunately, ignoring signs for longer worsens the condition, making the treatment complex and recovery longer. Your Central Coast dentist will examine your dental structure, inflammation, pocket formation, and accordingly suggest suitable treatment to make your gum healthy. Whatever is the reason, early diagnosis makes it easier to treat bleeding gums. With proper treatment, you will have healthy gums to support healthy teeth in just a few weeks. Here are some of the most effective treatments dentist in Roseville offers to help you regain healthy gums:  

Pocket Reduction Surgery

If pocket depth is higher than average your dentist will recommend pocket reduction surgery. The procedure involves the removal of tartar formation by lifting gums using suitable tools and techniques. Your dentist might smooth the damaged bone to prevent bacterial growth. Once done, the dentist will restore gums to the right place.

Bone Grafts

If gum disease has degenerated the jawbone, your dentist might suggest bone grafting by using bone fragments or synthetic bones. It boosts bone re-growth in the affected area.

Soft Tissue Grafts

To reinforce gum tissues, your dental surgeon might recommend a soft tissue grafting procedure. Tissues taken from the roof of the mouth will be stitched in the affected area to allow natural tissue re-growth.  

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Guided Tissue Regeneration

If bone tissue supporting teeth is badly damaged, dentists recommend guided tissue regeneration to stimulate tissue and bone growth. It is conducted with flap surgery to insert mesh-like fabric between gums and bone.


These treatments are highly effective but mostly used for advanced gum disease. Bleeding gums could be a primary sign of weakening gums, so start treatment at the earliest to avoid the worst. Most importantly, brush gently with recommended medicated toothpaste and floss smoothly to keep teeth and gums healthy. Your dentist is the best guide, so visit your dentist in Gosford regularly to keep the dental system healthy.

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