Diet that Can Lead to Infertility of Females

infertility problem in women

Female infertility has a great relationship with diet, but a healthy diet can reduce a woman’s chance of pregnancy? As we all know, the whole wheat bread and other high-fiber diet, carrots and other vegetables are healthy foods that are doubly respected by doctors, but the latest research has found that excessive consumption may cause female infertility.

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High-fiber foods may lead to female infertility

American scientists in the recent two years has been making a follow-up survey on 250 women of childbearing age, and they final concluded that: the intake of whole wheat bread, pasta and other high-fiber foods will disrupt the hormonal balance of females. The more they eat, the lower the chance of pregnancy is.

The researchers found that the intake of high-fiber foods would not only reduce hormone levels, but also stop ovulation. Previous studies have shown that high intensity exercise, anxiety, stress and other factors will cause ovulation to stop. And this study is the first time to link a healthy diet with it.

Excessive amount of carrots will lead to female infertility

Excessive carotene may affect progesterone synthesis and secretion decline of ovarium, and some may even cause the absence of menstruation, ovulation, or menstrual disorders, thus increasing the possibility of female infertility.

This situation was first discovered in patients with spiritual anorexia nervosa. Even if they did not eat food and had no menstruation, blood still too high carotene in the blood, and later found in the non-spiritual anorexia nervosa female patients, if a lot of eating carrots, can cause high blood carotene, and female infertility, amenorrhea, ovulation and other anomalies. The researchers explained that this may be due to carotene interfering with the synthesis of steroids.

In addition, coffee, alcohol and so on can also cause female infertility, women should avoid excessive intake. Women who want to be pregnant cam properly eat food that helps make women conceive.

Foods that help women to conceive

1. The zinc-rich foods: Plant foods that have higher content of zinc include beans, peanuts, millet, radish, Chinese cabbage and so on; among animal food, oyster has the most abundant zinc. Besides, beef, chicken livers, eggs class, lamb chops, and pork contain much zinc.

2. The arginine-rich foods: The research has confirmed that arginine is an essential component of sperm formation, and can enhance sperm motility, playing an important role in the maintenance of the normal function of males’ reproductive system. Such as eel, sea cucumber, squid, octopus, wood bonito, sesame, peanuts, nuclear and so on.