HealthHow to Choose the Right Adult Braces for You

How to Choose the Right Adult Braces for You

If you’re an adult considering getting braces, you’re not alone. More and more adults are choosing to straighten their teeth later in life. With advances in orthodontic technology, braces are more comfortable and less visible than ever before. But how do you decide if braces are right for you? 

Straightening your teeth as an adult provides both cosmetic and health benefits. You’ll feel more confident with a more straight, properly aligned smile. Braces also make it easier to brush and floss between teeth, reducing your risk of cavities and gum disease. Remember, allowing teeth crowding issues to persist can cause dental problems later on. 

Let’s look at some key additional factors to consider when looking for adult braces.

Determine If Your Smile Needs Improvement

Take a good look at your smile and identify any issues you want to correct if there are any at all. Are your teeth crooked or overlapped? Is your bite misaligned? Do you have gaps between teeth? Pinpointing specific problems will help you determine if braces can offer the improvements you’re looking for.

Weigh the Cost 

Braces typically cost between $3,000-$6,000 for adult treatment. Most dental insurance plans cover a portion of orthodontic treatment. Financing options like payment plans can spread out the cost over the length of treatment. Consider the investment, as improving not just your smile, but your overall confidence and oral health.

Choose Between Metal Braces or Clear Aligners

Traditional metal braces and clear aligners like Invisalign are the main options for adults. Clear aligners are removable plastic trays that incrementally move teeth. They offer more discretion than metal braces. However, clear aligners may not work for major misalignments, and treatment can sometimes take longer. Discuss the pros and cons of both with your orthodontist.

Factor in Treatment Length

Braces require wearing them full-time for 12-24 months on average. Clear aligner treatment is often longer, ranging from 12-36 months. Be prepared to commit to wearing your orthodontic appliances for over a year to achieve desired results. Consider how treatment length fits with your lifestyle and upcoming plans.

Schedule a Consultation With An Orthodontist

Schedule a consultation with a top orthodontist who specializes in adult braces. Come prepared with questions about what treatment will entail. Think about your lifestyle and identify any special needs to address with your orthodontist. Play a wind instrument or active contact sport? 

Mention this so appropriate accommodations can be made. Have a big event coming up? Ask about timing to avoid braces during this. Bring up any concerns early so they can be factored into your treatment. An orthodontist will assess your situation and explain recommended treatment options.

Restore Your Smile With Professionally Fitted Adult Braces

By evaluating your own smile goals, costs, and lifestyle considerations – you can decide if getting braces as an adult is a good option for you. If you do opt for braces, be sure to go with a top dentist experienced in adult orthodontic treatment for the smile you’ve always wanted. With the right orthodontist, you’ll be confident you made the best choice to achieve optimal results and restore your smile.

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