Health6 Coffee Brewing Methods to Try

6 Coffee Brewing Methods to Try

If coffee is the one thing that gets you going in the morning, you probably already have your perfect cup of coffee all figured out – why mess with a good thing right? 

Here are 6 unique ways of brewing a cup of coffee that may change your mind:

1. French Press

The French press has become more and more popular recently. It is a steeping method of coffee brewing that uses a medium-coarse grind and results in a strong, bold flavor, due to the grinds staying at the bottom of the beaker throughout the brewing process.

Brewing coffee in a French press is quick and easy, taking only 3 to 4 minutes to brew. Like drip coffee, you can brew multiple cups at once using a French press, so it’s perfect for a unique cup of coffee when hosting guests. 

This is not a mild coffee! French press coffee has a slightly oily texture and a distinct taste. Don’t let it steep too long, or it may turn bitter.

2. Turkish Coffee Maker

Using a Turkish coffee maker results in one of the most unique coffee flavors out there, due to its mixture of sugar and spices with very fine grounds. While any coffee beans can work, they must be a super fine grind, do not try to make this coffee with regular grounds!

Turkish coffee has a stronger flavor than drip coffee or even espresso, with a dark tone and interesting texture. Brewing Turkish coffee is similar to any stovetop coffee maker, you can even use a saucepan. Though authentic is the best – using a Turkish cezve (a Turkish brass or copper kettle) will result in the rich, unique flavors that Turkish coffee is most known for. Read more at Caffeine Craze.

3. Percolators

If you have your heart set on drip coffee, worry not! There’s a unique coffee brewing method for you too.

Some percolators are electric, plugging into an outlet to brew, while others do their brewing on the stovetop or even on an open fire, making them a great option for robust coffee while traveling or camping. 

Percolator coffee takes about ten minutes to fully brew, the boiling water cycling through the coarse coffee grounds. This coffee tends to be on the bitter side, but luckily, if you don’t like bitter coffee you can simply brew the grounds for a shorter period of time for a cup that is less bitter but still has a strong flavor. 

4. Cold Brew

Sometimes, you need that caffeine kick in the summer, but it’s just too hot for a regular cup of joe. That’s when you should look to cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is easy to make since all you have to do is combine coarse coffee beans with room-temperature water, but it does take a lot longer than other coffee brewing methods. A good cold brew mixture should sit for several hours at least or even overnight for the best flavor. 

Because you never heat cold brew coffee, the flavor tends to be on the sweeter side, with much less acidity than most hot coffee options, so cold brew is a great choice for someone who wants the caffeine without the bitterness usually associated with it. 

5. Nitrous Coffee

Nitrous coffee, or “nitro”, is another cold brew blend, but with a little kick. Nitrous coffee is brewed with added nitrogen to give it a light, distinct carbonation. The nitrogen affects the flavor as well as the texture, giving the coffee a unique sweet flavor with a light body and smooth finish. 

Nitro coffee takes just as long to make as cold brew and is somewhat difficult to make at home. First, you make your cold brew, letting it set for a few hours or overnight. Then you add the nitrogen. In order to do this yourself, you will need either a whipped cream dispenser or a mini-keg. 

Most coffee shops offer cold brew nitro options, so the next time you’re thinking of trying a new coffee you can’t make yourself, it’s not a bad idea to think of nitros. 

6. Siphon Brewer

Perhaps the most impressive cup of coffee is the siphon-brewed coffee. Siphon brewers are complicated and somewhat difficult to use, not meant for the first-time coffee brewer, but when done correctly siphon-brewed coffee is smooth, clear, and flavorful.

Other coffee methods often result in the grounds collecting at the bottom of your mug, but a siphon brewer operates very differently than most coffee machines. It uses heat and vacuum to pull water up into the grounds. Once steeped, the coffee is then lowered back into a separate chamber.

So what do you think? Have you changed your mind on how to make your favorite cup of joe? 

There are so many different and exciting ways to brew a cup of coffee — whether you’re looking for something quick and flashy or you want something intricate and unique. Coffee lovers everywhere know the joy of finding a new favorite brewing method, hopefully, we helped you find one too. 

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