Health8 Ways to Beat a Summer Cold 

8 Ways to Beat a Summer Cold 

Having a cold isn’t an amazing experience at any time in the year, but having a cold in summer is one of the worst feelings. Who wants to be coughing and sneezing when you should be on holiday, lounging on the beach? 

Many people think that you can only catch a cold in winter, however, you can come down with a common cold even in the peak of summer. Contrary to what you may think, the weather has nothing to do with the chances of you catching a cold. 

If you’ve come down with a summer cold and you want to be back on your feet again as soon as you can, we have some of the best tips for fighting a summer cold. 

  1. Get Enough Rest

Your body needs more rest when you’re ill so make sure to rest up and get enough sleep. Getting a decent amount of sleep when sick is important not only because it gives your body an opportunity to recharge, but it’s also proven to boost your immune system. You should aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep when you’re trying to fight a summer cold. 

  1. Stay Hydrated

When your body is fighting a cold one of the general rules is to drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Fever and cough can make your throat feel dry which isn’t the most pleasant feeling in summer which is why you want to be well hydrated. You should also avoid drinking beverages that can be dehydrated like alcohol, energy drinks, or coffee. 

  1. Get Plenty of Vitamins

Vitamins can help your immune system respond faster and make you feel more energized when you’re down with a cold. While fighting a summer cold you should take immune-boosting supplements such as iron, vitamin C and D, and zinc. Along with regular tablets, you can provide your body with supplements naturally by eating more fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrition. 

  1. Don’t Keep the AC Turned On

You might be tempted to crank the AC in your home to fight the summer heat, but if you’re fighting a cold that’s one of the things you shouldn’t do. Having the air conditioning on all day is bad for you even when you’re perfectly healthy but even more so when you’re sick. There might be mold, bacteria, or other microbes growing in your unit that get blown into the air when you have the AC on. Consider checking and, if needed, scheduling an air conditioner repair to ensure your unit is functioning optimally and maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

  1. Sip a Warm Drink

Contrary to your instincts that might say you should stick to cold drinks because of the temperatures outside, a warm drink can help soothe your cold symptoms. You can try sipping on some herbal tea or warm water with lemon and honey, especially if you’re suffering from a sore throat. 

  1. Take a Hot Bath or Shower

A hot bath or shower works wonders when you have a cold. The warm water can help with any muscle aches and if you have a stuffy nose the steam can also help unblock your airways making breathing a bit easier. 

  1. Stock up on Over-the-Counter Cold Remedies 

As great as home treatments are, the fastest way to recover from a summer cold is by taking regular over-the-counter medications such as lozenges, paracetamol, or other cold medications. Pain relief tablets can aid your swift recovery so you can enjoy your summer days. 

  1. Keep the Air in the Room Humid

While a humidifier or mist vaporizer can’t directly get rid of a summer cold, keeping the air humming can help relieve some of your symptoms. Adding moisture to the air in your room can be beneficial if you’re struggling with a runny nose, sore throat, or coughing. 

Bottom Line

A summer cold will usually last up to two but if you take care of your immune system, you can feel a significant improvement in your symptoms after only a week. 

The better care you take of your body the quicker you’ll recover from a summer cold. However, if your symptoms persist even after two weeks it might be best to have a visit to the doctor’s office. 

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