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Avail Yourself Of The 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training To Learn About Mudras

There are many facets of yoga, that onlookers still do not understand. Most people think of yoga as a fitness regimen and some as a mix of asanas. However, yoga is much more than physical contortions. There are several aspects, that you must learn to be called a yogi. If you want to delve deeper into the practice of yoga, you must enroll in the 200-hour yoga teacher training course in India. Now, many of you might argue, that you cannot attend a month of regular classes at the school. Well, there is a solution here, for that as well. You can now learn yoga online at your own pace and from home.  

What You Will Learn In The Online 200-Hr Yoga TTC?

Some of you might get confused, about the courses that you ought to attend to gain a foothold in yoga.  When you complete the 200 Hr yoga course at one of the renowned schools, you will be considered a yoga teacher. You will mostly learn about the fundamentals of anatomy, philosophy, and physiology in the theoretical syllabus. Apart from developing a base in these areas, you will also learn about some of the practical aspects of yoga, namely asanas, mudras, meditation, bandhas, pranayama, and chanting. Mantra meditation is often covered in the course. You can learn all of the above in the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India Rishikesh Uttarakhand.

Mudras – Performing With Hands  

You have to prepare your hands, before attempting to perform yoga mudras. It is advisable to sit down calmly, and close your eyes, to enhance the healing powers from within. It is essential to sit in Padmasana, Vajrasana, or Sukhasana, to perform the mudras. You need to follow a few things before you start performing mudras.

  • Rub your hands for a few seconds, to initiate blood circulation. You can feel the warmth of your hand when the blood circulation increases. It also stimulates the nerve endings in your fingers, which maximizes the potential of the mudras.
  • Now, you can place your palms on your knees or legs, with your palms facing upwards. Try to calm yourself, and soak in the surroundings.
  • After you are done with this phase, you can start practicing the different mudras.

Essential Mudras That Can Transform

There are certain energies inside the body. When these energies are disturbed or vitiated, the body suffers from ailments. Mudras can help in controlling the imbalance in these energies. You will learn about some of the basic mudras, in the 200-hour online yoga teacher training.

Gyan Mudra – You can also call it the mudra of knowledge. You have to sit in a meditative pose and place your palms facing upwards on the lap. Nest, you have to join the tip of the thumb and the tip of the index finger and stretch the three fingers outwards. This mudra enhances the concentration of the mind and also aids in the management of insomnia. You will also feel the tension from your body moving away. Your focus will also increase.

Vayu Mudra – It is governed by the air element. As the name suggests, the mudra helps to balance the air element in the doshas. You have to fold the index finger, then fold the thumb, and keep it on the second phalanx of the index finger. You have to apply a little pressure on the index phalanx, with your thumb. Keep the other three fingers straight. It eases constipation and also relieves chest pain. Moreover, you will also get relief, if you have cervical spondylitis.

Prithvi Mudra – This is another mudra, that you will learn about in the 200-hour online yoga teacher training. It mainly represents the earth element. You should do this mudra if you experience premature aging or hair loss. If you suffer from mental stress and joint pains, then also you are a candidate for Prithvi mudra. Like always, sit in a meditative pose. Calm your mind and place your hands on your knees, with palms facing upwards. Then, you need to bring the tip of the thumb in contact with the tip of the ring finger, which has to be folded midway as well. Extend the remaining fingers outwards. You can do this 2-3 times a day.

These are a few mudras, which you will learn in the 200-hour online yoga teacher training. Now, you just need an internet connection to connect with yoga.

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