HealthCan stress cause high eye pressure?

Can stress cause high eye pressure?

Ocular hypertension is the development of pressure inside the eyes. If you will ignore it then it can result in permanent vision loss and glaucoma in certain persons. Certain individuals can suffer from ocular hypertension without any specific sign. So, you are required to talk to the doctor. Since your eyes are so important to how you live your life, it makes sense to take the time to make sure you’re safeguarding them properly. Through routine eye exams, eye professionals can identify injuries and visual problems in addition to identifying eye disorders and flaws. Regular exams can find early indicators of diabetes, high blood pressure, malignancies, and other health issues in addition to eye health. The eye doctors at Drdorioeyecare will monitor and treat your visual issues utilizing specific eye solutions depending on your unique requirements. 

You will not be able to know if you are suffering from ocular hypertension. You must consult an optician and he will ask you to Buy Bimatoprost online. The doctor can analyze IOP and compare with the standard levels. If the eye pressure is more than 21 mmHg then, you are suffering from ocular hypertension. The high pressure in the eyes can lead to optic nerve damage resulting in glaucoma.

How the eye pressure is created?

The factors leading to glaucoma and eye pressure are almost same. I am discussing certain features below.

  • Adequate aqueous production- The water present in the eye is clear synthesized inside eye structure located in iris. The water flows from pupil and fills the anterior chamber. The water gets drains from the trabecular meshwork. If the ciliary body synthesis excess aqueous, the eye pressure gets enhanced leading to ocular hypertension.  The doctor can ask you to take Careprost eye drops.
  • Inadequate drainage- If the water get drains slowly, the normal balance between drainage and water production gets disturbed leading to enhanced eye pressure.
  • Medicines- Certain medicines can produce side effect leading to ocular hypertension. The steroid medicines used for the treatment of asthma can enhance ocular hypertension. You must ask your optician to check IOP.
  • Eye trauma- The eye injury influences the balance of eye drainage and aqueous production. It can take years or months to get cured. You must inform your doctor about the eye injury if he is prescribing Careprost eye drops.
  • Other conditions- Ocular hypertension is linked with eye conditions. Like pigment dispersion syndrome, pseudoexfoliation syndrome and corneal arcus. If you have a history of any of the above disorder then you must tell the doctor.

Treatment of ocular hypertension

If the optician identifies that you are suffering from ocular hypertension, then he will prescribe eye drops to decrease the pressure. Also, you must ask the optician to measure IOP from time to time. The doctor will prescribe Bimatoprost and you can buy Bimatoprost online from trusted medical store.

How does stress affect the eyes?

Stress influences us physically and mentally. However, do you know that it also affects your eyes? Stress results from the daily demands from life and is quite normal. But when stress becomes chronic then it results in severe health issues for your health especially eyes.

The adrenaline is released when you become stressed. It causes high pressure in the eyes leading to blurred vision. The people with anxiety and depression can develop eye strain. The anxiety makes the body sensitive. If you will take stress for a longer period of time then you can develop headaches and muscular tensions.

Signs of anxiety-related impairment of vision

  • Sensitivity to movement and light- The light can affect your eyes or make it quite tough to focus.
  • Eye twitching- The eye can develop spasm without any discomfort or pain.
  • Wet and dry eyes in excess- You can also experience these symptoms
  • Eye floaters- These are tiny spots that can be experience in the vision.
  • Blurry vision- Hard to focus and concentrate
  • Eye strain- Minor pain and discomfort

If you feel any of these issues then you must not get worried. Seek an appointment from optometrist and he can prescribe you Careprost eye drops. He will also guide you to reduce the stress from your life. You can make lifestyle changes and eat healthy food with adequate intake of water. Also, sleep tight, get enough rest and do regular meditation with stress relief exercises. You must take few hours for yourself for keeping your body and mind calm.

The stress causes eye issues and they can be temporary or permanent. Seek the advice from a trained doctor and he will ask you to buy Bimatoprost. Also, if you are experiencing more stress and anxiety in your life then consult psychologist for reducing stress.

What careprost can do for you?

Careprost is prescribed to treat ocular hypertension, glaucoma and make eye lashes thicker or darker. Also, don’t overuse it and miss any dose. Make sure that it does not fall in any part of the body. Wipe it immediately else it will result in excessive hair growth.

Bimatoprost is an active ingredient in Careprost. It functions by treating ocular hypertension. You must tell the doctor if you have the history of cardiac, kidney and liver disorder Buy Bimatoprost online from trusted medical store

You must check the address and contact details of the store on the website. It is quite easy to order Careprost eye drops online. You will get attractive offers and discounts. Also, check terms and conditions and privacy policy on the website. Also, take care that you are getting top-quality and genuine product from the website.


If you want to have dark, strong and hairy eye lashes then you must buy Bimatoprost from Also, you will get great deals at the best price. The delivery of the product can be done on the same day or next day. will provide genuine product online. You are just required to add the product in the cart and place the order. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get stressed and follow stress reducing activities. If the ocular pressure is diagnosed by the doctor then take Careprost.

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