HealthChoosing the Right Medical Alert Device: A Simple Guide

Choosing the Right Medical Alert Device: A Simple Guide

The medical alert device industry is extremely saturated with new devices being launched every year. So, there is no doubt that selecting the appropriate medical alert device can be a little challenging. 

For users, their family members and caretakers have several factors to consider to make an informed decision. Health concerns, mental aptitude, technological ability, lifestyle, and more play big roles in the decision-making process.

In this post, we explore those considerations as well as the types of devices you can choose from. Weighing all that, you should be much closer to identifying the best medical alert device for you.

Types Of Medical Alert Devices And How They Work 

Typically, they are categorized into in-home and mobile medical alert systems. But there’s a third category that offers the best of both.

 Let us check each of them out.  

  1. In-Home Medical Alert Systems- 

Medical alert systems for the home include numerous gadgets like wall buttons, wearable tech, and a core station linked to a phone line. They are perfect for folks who tend to stay at home and may face health-related incidents like falling. By merely pressing a button, they can call for emergency help and medical assistance. 

  1. Mobile Medical Alert Systems- 

Mobile medical alert systems are battery-operated wearable devices. They are meant for active or working older people. 

They include GPS tracking functionality to monitor the location in event of an emergency. These devices are usually lightweight and take form of smartwatches, bracelets and necklaces. 

  1. All-in-One Medical Alert Systems- 

An all-in-one medical system combines the functionality of both of the above medical alert systems. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing Medical Alert Device 

  1. Price- 

Medical alert devices can be extremely expensive based on the features they provide. Plus, many features they offer are hidden behind a paywall. So, you should look for an affordable yet effective system that offers all of the necessary services. 

  1. Battery Life- 

Your medical alert device should have a reliable battery life. Testing the battery life of the device initially is an excellent way to take the necessary precautions, for instance, investing in a device that comes with rechargeable batteries. 

  1. Water Resistance- 

Older people are more likely to fall or slip in the shower, or when getting out of the bathtub. You must consider this while getting a medical alert device. The device should be resistant to water and can be used to send an alert in case of an emergency. 

  1. Monitoring- 

You must consider your risk of getting into a medical emergency while getting an alert system. Some seniors aren’t at risk of a medical emergency but, due to their advanced age could benefit from the alert system. 

This helps you decide whether you require around-the-clock monitoring services or unmonitored services.  

  1. Age Of Patient- 

Some medical alert systems are extremely complicated and have a lot of moving parts. While a younger person might find it easy to navigate, an older person might not. In such a case, looking for a device that is easy to use is essential.

  1. Fall Proneness- 

Fall detection is another capability offered by in-home medical alert systems. If you or your loved one is likely to fall, the service should be considered during the medical alert system selection process. 

  1. Location tracking- 

Are you an active, social, or employed person needing a medical alert tool? If so, a mobile medical alert device works best. This is because it has a GPS tracker that constantly monitors your location. 

But, if you don’t go out much, an at-home gadget would suit you better. For those prone to stray or wander, an integrated medical alert system is ideal. 

Final Thoughts  

Keeping these point in mind will help you choose the right medical, and alert device for you or your loved one. Such devices ensure the safety of you and your loved one.

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