HealthDoes sildenafil keep you hard after cuming?

Does sildenafil keep you hard after cuming?

If you have trouble getting an erection or lose your erection too rapidly, Viagra will not help you stay in bed longer. 

If you’ve just had an orgasmic experience, you may find it difficult to obtain an erection for some time thereafter. The refractory time is totally natural and is known as this. When you use Viagra, you might expect a shorter refractory period, which allows you to have sex more immediately following an orgasmic experience. Viagra or medications like cenforce 100 may help you retain an erection for up to six hours if you’re having trouble getting one.

If you need assistance in remaining in bed for a different cause, another therapy may be required. Additionally, there are a few other reasons why individuals may require support staying in bed longer: Generic Viagra medication Sildenafil Fildena 100 may be a good option for you. If you’re not one of the 74% of guys who find Viagra effective, you may want to consider one of the Viagra alternatives.

Early orgasms during sex (premature ejaculation) – Some studies show that Viagra may be able to aid with premature ejaculation, however there is not enough evidence to warrant treating premature ejaculation with Viagra. 

When you’re already aroused, Generic Viagra does nothing to improve your sex urge. Impaired physical fitness or fatigue during sexual activity – Viagra has no effect on improving physical fitness or increasing sexual energy. 

Premature ejaculation may be treated with a variety of different drugs. 

In what way does Generic Viagra differ from other anti-impotence medications? 

Performance anxiety, greater sensitivity, and elevated stress levels may all lead to pre-ejaculation. Viagra, on the other hand, has no impact on premature ejaculation since it does not reduce blood flow to the penis. 

When you take Sildenafil/ Viagra, why don’t you feel more enthused? 

Only after you’ve already been sexually aroused will Viagra aid you to develop an erection. Unless you are sexually excited, Viagra will not help you obtain an erection since it merely improves blood flow to the penis. 

Is Viagra a weight gainer? 

To develop a larger penis, use Viagra if you aren’t able to get erect enough on your own. The maximal size of your erection will not be increased by using Viagra. You can only get a larger penis by having surgery, which is not always effective and has poor patient satisfaction. 

How much longer could I live if I used Viagra? 

If you’re having trouble maintaining an erection, Viagra may be able to assist. If you often find yourself unable to develop or maintain a hard enough erection for sex If you have other medical issues or are taking other drugs, Viagra may not be safe for you to consume. 

If you do the following, you should not use Viagra: 

  • Those that are less than 18 years old 
  • Are you using nitrate-based medications? (for chest pain) 
  • Are you suffering from issues related to your heart or liver 
  • A recent stroke or heart attack was the cause of your low blood pressure. 
  • Inherited disease of the eye 

Viagra-interacting medications: 

The use of additional drugs to treat erectile dysfunction Inhibitors of guanylate cyclase, such as riociguat etc will interact and cause reactions.

How long can you expect to be able to live on Viagra? 

As long as you’re taking Viagra, you’ll have no problem attaining and maintaining an erection throughout this 4- to 6-hour window. 

The half-life of Viagra is between 3 and 5 hours, meaning that by the time you get to 5 hours, more than half of your dosage will be gone. 

Even after an orgasm, you may have erection problems. If you ejaculate after taking Viagra, your erection will most likely go away as well. The therapy for premature ejaculation is different if you’re experiencing problems orgasming too early. 

While using Viagra, you may have more than one erection. It’s possible to acquire another erection if you ejaculate while your Viagra is still working. After ejaculating, you may have to wait a brief period before getting another erection. In addition, you’ll have to be made to feel sexually stimulated.

Cenforce 50 and Tadalafil Vidalista 20 are two choices for treating erectile dysfunction that endure for extended periods of time. You can even use Super P Force,Kamagra oral Jelly etc.

Erection-enhancing therapies for erectile dysfunction are available, including: 


Changes in diet and activity are necessary. 

Erectile dysfunction that is linked to mental health issues may benefit from regular sessions with a counsellor. 

For those who have tried everything else, surgery may be an option. Air may be pumped into the penis to achieve an erection when necessary. 

Erectile dysfunction may be improved with a variety of lifestyle and exercise adjustments, such as increasing your physical fitness, cutting down on alcohol and tobacco usage, or strengthening the muscles involved in erections. Long-term relief may be possible if you can maintain these modifications. 

Is there a therapy for males that might help them stay in bed longer? 

If you want to make it through the night in bed, there are a variety of options available to you. Therapy or medicine are all options you might explore as a means of self-care. 

  • Self-help 

You may attempt to solve the problem on your own before seeking medical help. If you’d want to extend the time you spend together, there are a few things you may do: 

  • Try masturbating a few hours before having sex to get your mind off things. 
  • To postpone the ejaculatory response, take a deep breath when you feel the need to ejeculate. 
  • With your spouse on top, they have the ability to slow down or pull away as you move closer, giving them more control over the situation. 
  • Therapy for couples 

If you’ve been together for a long time, couples counseling may be beneficial. Other procedures for postponing ejaculation, including the stop-go approach and the squeeze technique, may be explained by a therapist. 

Stimulate the penis nearly to the verge of ejaculation, then wait 30 seconds before beginning again using the stop-go method. Repeat this multiple times until ejaculation is deemed “acceptable.” 

How long do condoms really last? 

Condoms meant to help you last longer are available from several sex stores and pharmacies. Some of these condoms include a topical anaesthetic to assist desensitize the penis tip and so postpone ejaculation. Additionally, the thickness of the condoms may be increased to lessen sensitivity.

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