DentalEnhanced Dental Aesthetics and Improved Well-being: Advantages of Teeth Whitening

Enhanced Dental Aesthetics and Improved Well-being: Advantages of Teeth Whitening

A more vibrant and self-assured smile

Teeth whitening is a straightforward, safe, non-invasive and effective procedure thast offers benefits to people of all ages. Whilst not providing a permanent solution to the problem of stained teeth, whitening can typically last between 6 and 12 months when carried out correctly by a professional dentist. Having your teeth whitened is the secret to a more radiant and confident smile that still looks very natural, and more and more individuals are opting for the treatment in order to enjoy its positive effects. It is also refreshing to note that whitening can help you achieve a more youthful appearance, especially if you have deeply discoloured teeth.

Commonly consumed foods and drinks that cause teeth staining

Stains can occur either on the surface of the tooth or beneath the tooth enamel and sometimes they will be present in both locations. Several factors contribute to this, including too much fluoride, certain antibiotics or tetracycline during tooth development; the ageing process; and the consumption of foods which contain tannins. These naturally-occurring compounds can be found in numerous foods and beverages including tea, cocoa, wine, chocolate, cheese and nuts and they will make your teeth discolour more quickly.

You may also wish to reduce your intake of other staining foodstuffs such as beetroot, berries (cherries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries), tomato sauces and curries, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.

How your food and drink choices influence your teeth

A healthy smile depends as much on a proper diet as a healthy body does. A healthy mouth relies on adequate nutritional intake, which in turn requires choosing a well-balanced diet. To avoid cavities and gum disease, we must all be careful with our food choices and eating habits. For example, minerals like calcium and phosphorus protect and regenerate tooth enamel, promoting dental wellbeing.  Consuming calcium-rich foods may therefore protect and improve the health of your teeth. Such foods include cheese, milk, yoghurt and calcium-fortified tofu, as well as leafy greens and almonds. Likewise, fruits and vegetables that are high in water and fibre content will help to balance sugars and clean your teeth. Anything that increases saliva will wash away acids and food remnants from teeth, preventing decay. This will help you maintain good dental hygiene and prevent your pearlies from becoming discoloured.

The benefits associated with teeth whitening

Having professionally whitened teeth may do wonders for your confidence and self-image, not to mention your smile, because it:

  • removes stains and discolouration from the top layer of teeth. This is a great result for those with discoloured teeth due to genetics, ageing, or lifestyle choices like smoking or eating certain foods and drinks.
  • supports dental health by eliminating oral germs and removing food, drink and cigarette stains, preventing bacteria buildup and tooth decay.
  • promotes self-esteem and boosts confidence. People who whiten their teeth report feeling more confident in their appearance.
  • conceals minor oral defects like chips and fractures. (N.B. it does not replace restorative dental procedures).

The cost of teeth whitening

First and foremost, it is crucial to recognise that, just like anything else, the quality of a product or service is typically reflected in its price. The cost of treatments is determined by several factors, including the specific service provided, the healthcare professional performing the treatment, the equipment utilised, and the aftercare service provided. These factors not only affect the price but also influence the quality of the procedure. When it comes to your dental health, it is important not to compromise or take shortcuts. As an example, Harley Teeth Whitening, where priority is given to quality and safety, the procedure costs around £199 which includes a free consultation with no obligation. Treatments are normally done on the same day as your consultation, for convenience, but you can choose.

Prevention is key to a healthy smile

Taking care of your teeth is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining good overall health. That’s why it should be included as a part of your regular health routine. Neglecting dental health can lead to significant consequences, such as an increased likelihood of experiencing heart attacks, strokes, and gum disease. To help you maintain a healthy smile and good oral hygiene, make an appointment with one of our dental experts for a caring positive experience.

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