HealthFiller vs. Thread Lift: Which Is Better?

Filler vs. Thread Lift: Which Is Better?

Cosmetic issues are not a feasible and favorable solution to offer a long-time result. When you consider cosmetic issues in detail, you find most related to your age. And age factor plays a significant role in offering facial issues. One such issue that is facial-related, and occurs due to age, is skin dropping or becoming elastic. 

This causes your skin to appear like falling off, reducing its stiffness and tightness. Though treatments such as fillers and Rejuvence Clinic thread lifts services do exist, each brings precautions and limitations likewise.

Your Face is Your Presentation 

There is no harm in asking more from your face or from your physician to get your face in a presentable state. All of this is to get an enhanced facial display. Getting your face to perform perfectly will come after you get a good response through either a filling procedure or thread lifting. 

In addition to this, you will get some precautions to follow after a facial assessment. Both the necessary procedures bring benefits and advantages alongside taking some time to show full results. You will need to ensure that patience prevails and you get the perfect yet necessary outcome. In short, you can get the full advantage of facial surgery once you choose the right procedure for you. 

Fillers and Filling

At first, it is about the filling procedure of your skin through a filler. You will need to understand that a filling procedure requires little time in comparison to a lifting procedure by a thread. It is because you will just undergo the procedure through injections and not through any external source such as a thread.

 In essence, a filling procedure involves little pain since it is just like utilizing the injections and injecting fillers that fill the gaps. Filling these gaps brings a benefit such as quickly fixing the one issue that you face. Apart from this, you will get a sensation that the results begin to appear straight away after the procedure. However, this brings a downgrade that you will find results to vanish after a few months. Such limitations make fillers and filling a less favorable procedure. 

Thread Lifting 

The next method in the line and comparison to a filler procedure is a thread lifting one. From the name, it is evident what type of procedure you are going to observe. Thread lifting involves lifting the patches of your skin by inserting threads externally through incisions. This shows that the procedure at hand involves incisions that cause a painful sensation, a bit higher than that caused during the filling procedure. 

In addition to this, you will observe that a thread lifting procedure does not offer and shows an instant response to your issue. This procedure takes time to present results in the full swing. Generally, it takes around 10 days to begin showing the results. People often find the incision part troubling during the procedure. Whereas when it comes to the results, this is feasible. 

Treatment Length Comparison 

Next in the line is the treatment length comparison where you find what duration you need to consider. At first, the necessity is to ensure what type of facial solution suits your needs considering the timing. And also what type of time considerations you will need to have before going for treatment. 


Treatments take time to perform and then to show results. At first, it is about the time it takes for physicians to perform both procedures on your face. 

  • The filler procedure is a quick affair. It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to perform this procedure on your face. Being quick and easy, most people prefer this procedure compared to the other.
  • Thread lifting is a different affair. It requires external threads to be inserted through incisions on your face. Apart from this, you will need to remain at the procedure station for around 60 minutes. This is the length you will require to get a thread lifting procedure.


Every treatment involves utilizing the right tools and methods to bring accurate results. 

  • The filler procedure gives results straight away after the procedure. But the results do not last longer than a few months. 
  • In contrast, the thread lifting procedure takes more time to perform and also does not show instant results. But once it does, the results can last up to a maximum of 3 years and at least 1 year.


In all cases where there is a comparison going on, most things come from personal preferences. But we ought to give a verdict to help your case. Consider thread lifting as a favorable option. It involves a good time to perform but does not involve results for a shorter period. You will enjoy longer results and those that remain on your face present for longer. 

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