DentalFive ways to build patient trust with a dental surgery website

Five ways to build patient trust with a dental surgery website

When you operate a dental surgery, your website says more about you than where you are, or what you do. It is a marketing tool and, as such, if it is not laid out in a way that is effective, or it has issues with its design, it can really turn-off anyone who visits it.

Also, it is important to realise that, for many people, seeing your dental surgery page is going to be the first time they see anything to do with your surgery. So, building patient trust is critical for any dental website to attract new patients and retain existing ones. 

But how do you build trust with a website page? Here are 5 easy ways to help patients feel that you and your team are not only great at what you do but that you are the best!

Showcase the dentist’s expertise and qualifications

Patients want to know that they are being treated by a qualified and experienced dentist. Therefore, it is essential to showcase the dentist’s qualifications, certifications, and experience prominently across all dental websites that you operate relating to the surgery. This can be achieved through a detailed ‘About Us’ section that highlights the dentist’s education, training, and professional memberships. Additionally, the website can feature patient testimonials or case studies that demonstrate the dentist’s expertise in specific treatments or procedures.

Provide transparent information about treatments and fees

Patients want to feel informed and in control of their dental treatments. Therefore, it is important to provide clear and transparent information about treatments and fees on the website. This can include details about the treatment process, what to expect before, during and after any dental or cosmetic procedure, and any potential risks or side effects. Additionally, the website should provide detailed information about the fees and any available financing options, such as payment plans or insurance coverage.

Use high-quality images and videos

No stock photos, please!

Visual content can be a superb way to build patient trust by providing a glimpse into the dental practice and the treatments offered. High-quality images and videos can showcase the practice’s facilities, equipment, and staff, as well as the results of different treatments. This can help patients feel more comfortable and confident about choosing the practice for their dental needs. Also, if your surgery is aiming to attract patients who may be nervous, it is vital that you showcase clear images of your staff, as this can build a sense of familiarity, which will help this group to contact you for help.

Offer online scheduling and appointment reminders

Convenience is key for many patients, and offering online scheduling and appointment reminders can help build trust by showing that the practice values their time and is committed to providing a seamless patient experience. Online scheduling allows patients to book appointments at their convenience, while appointment reminders can help reduce no-shows and keep patients engaged with the practice.

Maintain an active online presence

An active online presence can help build patient trust by providing a platform for the practice to engage with patients and demonstrate its commitment to their oral health. This can include maintaining an updated blog with educational content, sharing relevant news or events on social media and responding promptly and professionally to patient reviews and feedback.

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