FitnessHard water causing hair and skin woes? Try these simple tips

Hard water causing hair and skin woes? Try these simple tips

Do you think hard water does not harm your skin and hair? If you think so, you are wrong. Water is essential for beautiful skin and healthy hair. Even when dehydrated, we can see its effect on our skin/hair. So, when you continuously wash your hair or skin with hard water, it can have a long-term effect on the skin, for instance, dry skin.

It makes it even more necessary for you to take hair skin vitamins. It will ensure your hair and skin have all the nutrients that the hard water depletes. What else can you do to ensure hard water does not cause problems for your skin? And what is hard water? We will discuss both these topics below.

What is hard water?

Water with an increased number of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium is known as hard water. Hard water does not cause any severe health issues. However, they can affect your skin and hair when exposed to them for long.

Effects of hard water on skin and hair.

On skin

It can cause eczema

Our skin is delicate and a barrier protecting us against germs and infections. When you let it expose to hard water for a long time, it can have issues like eczema. People who are already dealing with this can get frequent flare-ups due to hard water exposure.

It can cause collagen loss

Collagen is the protein that keeps our skin firm and moist. When you use hard water with high content of iron or magnesium, it builds up and forms free radicals. These can break down collagen in your body leading to saggy skin and early signs of ageing. Thus, along with using less hard water, take skin and hair vitamins to maintain the level of antioxidants and collagen booster supplements.

It can lead to dry, itchy, and flaky skin

Another ill-effect of hard water, which is usually the short term, is dry, itchy, and flaky skin. It also leads to acne breakouts. This is short-term and with proper moisturising, you can reverse it.

On hair

It leads to dull hair

When you wash your hair with hard water, it makes your hair dull and your scalp itchy.

It reduces the effects of shampoo and conditioner on the hair

Hard water usage leads to a decreased advantage of using conditioner and shampoo on hair. Thus, leading to frequent washing of hair, stripping the hair of essential oil and moisture.

It can stop hair growth

Hard water can block pores in your scalp. It can decrease the growth of your hair.

How to manage the effects of hard water on skin and hair?


Get a water softener

A water softener removes extra minerals from the water, making it perfect for your hair and skin. There are a few water softeners that you can get for your bathroom to ensure your skin is soft and firm. It also works great for your hair.

Take hair skin vitamins

Vitamin helps your skin look radiant, young, and beautiful. These are also antioxidants, which can protect your skin from free radicals. Thus, include hair skin vitamins Tablets in your diet as they have no side effects. Also, include more fruits and veggies rich in vitamins in your diet.

Always use a suitable moisturiser

If you know that hard water is causing your skin to dry out and become flaky & itchy, never skip moisturiser. As soon as you come out of the shower, put a good amount of suitable moisturiser on the skin.


Use a vinegar rinse

Mix vinegar with water and after shampooing, massage this water onto your hair and scalp. It will reduce the effect of calcium buildup, due to hard water while also leveling the PH.

Use leave-in conditioner

To reduce the effect of hard water, use a leave-in conditioner in your hair once or twice a week. It will deep condition your hair.

Use filtered water

If you have a filtration system at home, fill up a bottle and use it to wash your hair. That will reduce build-up on hair.

Try these tips to ensure hard water does not cause hair and skin woes. And if it still doesn’t help, we would recommend you to consult the experts like those available through the best digital healthcare platforms like who will be able to suggest the right solution to your problem. Also, do not forget your daily dose of hair and skin vitamins.

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