HealthHow long does a porcelain crown last?

How long does a porcelain crown last?


A dental grade porcelain tooth crown lasts about 5-15 years. The veneered crowns last about 10-15 years. This time period differs from one porcelain crown to the other. Similarly the dental implants last for a lifetime. And the procedure goes deep into the jaw and fixation of dental crowns makes it outlast the usual dental seatings of crowns. Mostly a dental filling works and the situation to the crown seating is not reached at.

Now, these porcelain crowns are the first desirable ones in the vast range of crowns that have the potential to conceal the last traces of any sort of tooth-decay related treatments. The dental crowns are used only when the tooth mass has been eaten up to its ¾ th by the decay and tends to pose the threat of spreading the infection further, into the tooth pulp and other teeth as well. So it is safe for the person with the slightest of tooth ache to refer to a dentist. 

The dental grade porcelain is a ceramic material, but can be mixed with the other ceramic material to give rise to a plethora of such crowns for tooth restoration and reconstruction. It is slightly translucent but not that much as the zirconia crowns. They look similar to the real tooth in question. The porcelain crowns are the best kinds of crowns to get the broken tooth reinstated. The oral cavity goes through constant change with the eruption of baby teeth, their fall and growth of adult teeth in the adolescent times. Here is the complete guide to exploit the best amongst the dental crowns. 

Are porcelain crowns really strong?

Porcelain crowns are the best improvements over the metallic shimmer of precious metals and alloys for tooth crownings. These porcelain crowns may not be as strong as the metal crowns, but they are just flawless to install on the front teeth, which are the first front visible in the oral cavity. They, the incisors must be perfectly aligned and almost even in structure. The molars are the most vulnerable ones to multiple lesions of caries and this can also be the case with the premolars. These gnashers need only the cover of metal crowns. The metal crowns are absolute protection once the decay has been removed. 

The porcelain dental crowns for the front tooth are the preservers of the natural looks. It comes in all porcelain, porcelain fused into metal (PFM) veneered and ceramic versions to consider, if the tooth needs extreme support to stand alone in full shape. They are chemically stable in the oral cavity where digestion begins right from the mouth. The salival action, breaking down of food is instrumental in keeping a good digestive system. They might get discolored over time if not taken care of properly. Brushing and flossing are the norms to have them for longer periods of time in good conditions until the baby tooth or the primary tooth falls off. On adult teeth after a decade or so, it is recommended to get the dental appointment to fix any glitch with the crown. But sometimes it rarely gives the bearer trouble of any sort.

The porcelain crowns may develop cracks in case of brutal biting and forceful chompings. Sticky food types are bad for the real as well as the crowned tooth. Yet, with these crowns it feels natural to enjoy any sort of cuisine, given that it is not regularly consumed. Also, proper cleansing with a good toothbrush and toothpaste undoes the accumulation of germ build up. They cost higher than the stainless steel crowns. About $800-$3000. The procedure might take more visits and take more time to prepare and customize the porcelain crowns. Till then, the temporary stainless steel crowns protect the tooth. Again the back tooth restorations could not be necessarily made out of porcelain. The main function of the molars logically argues in favour of the steel crowns which cost $350-$550. 

Procedure of Seating the Porcelain Crowns

A dental crown is always seated after the decay is removed and the tooth is shaped under the influence of a numbing agent, specifically delivered in that area. The gums and nerves are calmed to operate on. The best porcelain crowns are either customised with proper consumption of time. Until then a temporary crown is seated. The crown covers the gingival sides to sit comfortably on the shaped tooth. The glass ionomer dental cement is filled in and the hollow crown is seated on the concerned tooth. Then, the excess dental cement is removed to finish up that natural smile equipped with the quality crowns.

The porcelain is not unbreakable material and so is the dental grade porcelain. Even on the front tooth, these crowns can develop cracks, seepage, discoloration and mobility in case of dental trauma caused by accidents, forceful bites and playful thuds! The compromised porcelain crown must be replaced with a new crown to keep the tooth pulp out of trouble. Tooth infections in the initial stages look harmless and only when they start to be painful is the seriousness understood. The tooth pulp and soft tissues could get irreparably damaged in case of severe cases where tooth removal is the only option left. And the pain is kept under control with the prescription of drugs.

The health of your oral cavity also depends on the condition of the tongue and the region left untouched by your toothbrush- the upper part of the mouth just opposite to the tongue ( the palate). Mere brushing the tooth is not enough, when the germs can survive on these platforms. Clean them along with the teeth structures which reflect the overall health of your body. Using mouthwash after lunch time leaves the oral cavity with a whiff of freshness. Vitamin supplements in food must be ensured to have strong gums, calcium source for strong teeth and hydrated schedule for a toxin free body. 


The porcelain crowns are available in several types to consider when the question is to get the right type for the afflicted tooth. The real work begins after the seating of the crown. Care and maintenance of cleanliness is the key to avoid the decay infestations in the tooth structure.

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