OtherHow to Edit PDF Online: Easiest Way

How to Edit PDF Online: Easiest Way

We receive and send PDF files frequently. Some need no modification, but others require responses, additional notes, suggestions, and graphics before sharing. There are many ways of editing PDF files online or offline.

Editing a portable doc offline involves converting the PDF to a Word file before editing and takes more time. Images and graphics may also become distorted in the editing process. 

It is simpler to edit a PDF  file on the internet. We have many apps for updating documents online. Some require you to download the software app before use, while others are accessible from the internet. 

The easiest way to modify portable documents is by accessing them from the internet and updating them on online editing software. You have more to learn about PDF editing services, the various editors to use, PDF definition, and their merits, as highlighted in this article. Read on and find out compress pdf.

The Definition of PDF

PDF is an acronym for portable document format, a compressed version of other formats such as Word, google sheets, and excel sheets. The version was invented in the early 1990s to simplify sharing and storage of files because it occupies smaller space and is shareable across devices without losing its original layout.

Initially, it was challenging to modify portable files because they were designed to maintain their original content. The only means to alter content on portable files was to change it to word, modify it, then revert it to the compressed form. This required time and was rather tedious, especially when working on many files.

Thanks to the invention of a variety of PDF editing software which simplified portable file editing. 

Online PDF Editing Services

Creating and changing the content in files online takes place in two ways. One is downloading an edit PDF software and moving the document into the app. You should download it to a computer or phone before dropping a document in it for modification. The app has the editing functionalities to manipulate your text or create a new one.

The second way involves logging into the editor software from a browser, uploading the doc to modify from the internet, and adding new info to the text. An example is Luminpdf. To manipulate a form on Lumin, access the software from any browser and search for the document. The software has all the actions to modify it, and the modifications done on the form are auto-synced to the cloud.

Either way, it is simpler to edit PDF Online.

How to Edit PDF Files

You require a PDF editing program to design new portable files or change existing ones. To edit PDF online, log into chrome and type the name of your preferred software, a common editor is Sejda. To change a text on it, type Sejda and click on it and tap files on the options that pop up.

There are two options to access a doc.One is from the internet (in the cloud) and two is upload from your desktop. 

The editing features are listed in the menu bar on the screen. Common actions include annotation, whiteout, blackout, adding notes, splitting, and merging PDF files.

When through, click on save and download, then share. 

Example: To add a signature as you edit PDF form online, go to files and select Upload from the internet. Whiteout the area to add a signature and upload your signature. Drag the signature to the whiteout area and ensure it fits in well. Unselect the action when you finish and click on save and download to sync the changes on the form.

5 Online PDF Editors You Can Use Right Now

  1. DocFly

This advanced software is accessible from any browser. It has all the text fixing functionalities, such as splitting and combining portable files, annotation, and enhancing their security. To protect your docs against unauthorized access, the software is password enabled. You can add, upgrade or remove passwords.

  1. Sejda

Sejda is free on the net and has advanced editing functionalities, such as annotation. It enables you to edit text on PDF, insert new info in forms online and hyperlink texts in portable form.

  1. PDF2Go

Anyone looking to enhance files visually and make them more entertaining should check out PDF2Go. It enables you to create PDF document, and add graphs, diagrams, watermarks, and highlights to your text. 

  1. iLovePDF

This software is ideal when working on a project as a team. It enables you to comment on the text, insert additional notes and diagrams, and incorporate graphics.

  1. PDFEscape

Apart from all the editing features in an editor software, this document editor is best for merging documents and transforming them into Word before printing. You can change them to different sizes and add watermarks to make them more appealing.

All Benefits that Can You Give Lumin PDF Editor

Lumin PDF is an advanced yet user-friendly software to edit PDF online.

This software is available on chrome, G-Drive and other common browser. Some merits to enjoy when you edit PDF text online on Lumin are:

  • Luminpdf is accessible from different devices. You can edit PDFs Windows, Mac, and through Android phones with it. This enables you to work on your files remotely.
  • Any additions and edits to your file are synced to the net and, therefore, no need to download.
  • Its screen sharing capability enables you to edit PDF doc, make illustrations, and explain them to your team in real-time.
  • You can assign work to your students and correct it through the G-drive classroom hence easier teacher-learner interaction.
  • Its simple UI and collaboration feature fosters interaction among team members for effective project management and task completion.


The easiest way to modify portable forms on the net is through online editing software. There are many editors for document editing services. The ideal software for you depends on your workload and editing needs. Some editors are good at annotation, while others merge PDFs well, and some are fast.

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