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Micro Coil Winding Taking the Front Seat in the Growth of the Medical Devices Industry

Medical devices play a very important role in the medical industry. What is much more important is to understand the changing trends within the medical device industry. Currently, the trend has been shifting towards non-invasive surgeries and it is one of the critical reasons why micro coil winding is gaining a lot of importance. In today’s generation, the micro coils proved to be a better alternative to the ancient mode of surgeries. They bring about a lot of flexibility as well as ensure that the patients don’t have to go through a longer period of pain and hospitalisation. 

In this article, we will understand about the micro coil winding a little further and gain deeper insights about the micro coil industry. 

Why is micro coil winding gaining importance in the medical industry? 

The reason why the medical industry requires microcoil winding is the size and thickness of the microcoils. The microcoils are very thin, even thinner than the human hair which makes it possible for them to reach the inaccessible areas in the human body. On top of it, the size of the microcoils are not very big, which makes them very seamless to be integrated with the medical devices. 

The manufacturing of the micro coil devices are comparatively easier compared to the fabrication of ancient devices. On top of it, the microcoil devices don’t need to be treated under high temperature, thus they offer better flexibility too. 

The microcoil medical devices bring about a wide range of applications compared to their contemporaries. The versatility that it brings into the medical device industry really makes it the number one choice when it comes for medical surgeries. Be it in the domain of drug delivery or cancer treatment, micro coil medical devices are highly sought after. 

Factors driving the growth of micro coil medical devices industry 

Advanced medical technology and the growing prevalence of the minimally invasive surgeries are the key factors driving the growth of the microcoil medical devices industry. The increased adoption rate of these devices are going to impact the increasing market size globally for this industry. On top of it, the microcoil medical devices offer precise treatment options which positions them to play a crucial role in driving the growth of the medical devices industry. 

With the growing focus on this domain, there are multiple companies that are mushrooming across the globe, starting from the largest enterprises to the startups that are focusing on offering custom micro coil solutions. The growth of the microcoil medical industry is expected to be around a CAGR of 4.7% from 2021 to 2028 reaching more than $1K million in the US. 

Future of micro coil winding industry 

With the current growth trajectory depicting a very profitable market size that is yet to be captured by the big industries, microcoil medical devices are here to stay for a longer run. With the growth of radio technology as well, the microcoil devices are very highly required in order to improve the quality of the medical diagnosis and surgeries. In turn, this is driving the growth in the medical device industry where devices backed by micro coil winding are taking the front-seat. 

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