HealthPre-Surgery Tips to Reduce Breast Augmentation Risks

Pre-Surgery Tips to Reduce Breast Augmentation Risks

Breast augmentation is an effective procedure that helps many women gain confidence in their bodies. The surgery can help women reshape their breasts after pregnancy and other significant life events or enhance their breast size to meet their aesthetic goals.

Although breast augmentation is a relatively safe procedure when performed by a professional, there are risks of complications depending on the surgeon you choose and your overall health. You can do a few things before your treatment to reduce the risk and enter the surgical room without stress.

Carefully Select a Surgeon

The key to safe and secure breast augmentation is being selective about your chosen surgeon. The surgeon that performs the procedure plays a significant role in ensuring the surgery is safe and risk-free. Take your time to compare different surgeons, their credentials, and expertise to determine which surgeon can is most suitable for the procedure.

The best way to compare surgeons is by narrowing down your options and reviewing their credentials. Board-certified surgeons undergo rigorous training and intensive education to prepare for treatment. If complications arise during surgery, they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to control the situation and reduce the risks. This allows you to rest assured that you’re in good hands throughout the treatment, which may reduce stress.

Take Time Off Work

You will likely experience pain and difficulty resuming regular activities after your breast augmentation surgery. It’s essential to account for the recovery period and take some time off accordingly. If you attempt to resume work too soon after surgery, you may experience discomfort and potentially alter the procedure results. Speak to your surgeon about when it might be safe to resume work and prepare your schedule accordingly.

Follow Surgeon’s Guidelines

Your surgeon will provide a pre-operative guideline to ensure you’re prepared for the surgery. Take your time to review the guideline and follow the surgeon’s instructions. The guideline will consist of suggestions regarding what medicine to stop taking before the treatment, how to prepare for the surgery, and what clothes to wear afterward. Following these guidelines will ensure a low risk of complications during surgery and enhance your recovery.

The surgeon may also help you choose the right breast implants, as your choice of implants could reduce your risk of complications and influence your results.

Practice Proper Fitness

If your surgeon has confirmed that you’re an ideal candidate for breast augmentation, you don’t need to make any special efforts to become fit for the surgery. However, practicing proper fitness before any procedure is always helpful as it allows your body to heal better after the treatment. It may also reduce the risk of complications that could arise during or after the treatment. You don’t need to adapt to a new fitness routine, but incorporating light exercises into your schedule might be helpful.

Plan Recovery Period

Planning your recovery period will save you the time and hassle of figuring things out last minute. If you have children, take time to figure out who can drop them off or pick them up from school. If you have any important work events coming up, try to find a replacement for yourself if it falls under your recovery timelines.

Considering a few simple measures can reduce your breast augmentation risks and help you enhance your surgery results.

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