HealthWhy do people choose India for Chemotherapy Treatment?

Why do people choose India for Chemotherapy Treatment?

Chemotherapy and its uses

Chemotherapy is one of the most common methods to treat any kind of cancer. Chemotherapy uses potent drugs to kill or destroy cancerous cells in the body. 

These drugs kill the rapidly dividing cells in the body. Normally cells divide into two cells, but cancerous cells divide more rapidly and in large numbers of cells which could be similar to the parent cell or different from it.  

Chemotherapy is used for almost all types of cancers and is one of the most renowned methods of treatment. 

The chemotherapy price in India is lowest around the world therefore people around the world choose India for their chemotherapy treatment. 

Chemotherapy has multiple uses in the treatment of cancer, few of which are listed below: 

  • To completely eradicate the cancer: When the tumour is at an early stage and has not metastasized to other body organs, chemotherapy is the primary treatment method used to completely remove the cancerous cells. 
  • To shrink the tumour: Sometimes when the tumour is large and has to be removed by surgery, doctors prescribe chemotherapy before surgery to reduce the size of the tumour. 
  • To destroy the remaining cells: After surgery, there is a possibility that few cancerous cells were left in the body and can be a threat to the patient. These left-over cancerous cells can lead to tumour formation again. To prevent recurrence, chemotherapy is advised after surgery to kill these left-behind cancer cells. 

How is chemotherapy administered in the patient’s body?

Chemotherapy can be delivered in various ways which can differ for different patients according to their overall health, location of tumour and previous treatment. 

Some of the common ways to administer chemo drugs are as the following:  

  1. Injection.  

Examples of injections include: 

  1. Chemotherapy administered subcutaneously (SQ) via an intravenous injection that is below skin 
  2. Chemotherapy administered intramuscularly (IM) via an injection into a muscle 
  3. Intravenous (IV) is chemotherapy administered as an injection into a vein 
  4. IV infusion is chemotherapy drugs are infused into a vein via a tube linked to a needle. 

B) Chemotherapy given orally as a tablet or liquid 

C) Topical: The application of a lotion containing the chemotherapy drug to the skin. 

D) Chemotherapy administered intraperitoneally (IP) goes straight to the organs that contain the intestines, stomach, liver, ovaries, and other bodily functions. The term “peritoneal cavity” refers to this region. 

You can choose which type of route of administration you want for chemotherapy treatment. Ask for your doctor’s advice on the same topic. 

Why is India the best destination for chemotherapy?

Thousands of people from around the world come to India for their cancer treatment. India ranks at the third position in the list of medical tourism making India the hub of medical treatment. 

India consists of the latest technology, best oncologist and medical equipment for complex treatment at a very low cost. Some of the main reasons why people choose India for medical treatment are explained below: 

  1. Cost of Chemotherapy in India: In comparison to other developed nations, India has the most affordable cancer treatment costs. Additionally, the value of the Indian rupee is lower than that of the dollar, euro, or pound, making India’s cost of living far lower than that of the USA or Europe. India is a better substitute for cancer treatment because, in comparison to first-world nations like the US or UK, the cost of cancer treatment there is 80% to 90% lower.  
  1. Top Hospitals: The finest cancer treatments are provided at the top-rated oncology hospitals in India, which also provide the best patient care. These hospitals have a medical team that is highly skilled and experienced, including nurses, who can offer top-notch patient care. These hospitals all function well in India to provide foreign services. 
  1. Best doctors: There are many renowned oncologists in India. These accomplished experts have several years of expertise in their specialised domains. Most of them have graduated from prestigious universities or obtained medical degrees there. 
  1. Latest drugs: The most recent cancer treatments are all available in India. India even offers cancer medications at far lower prices than the USA or other developed nations. At a cost of 1/8th that of the USA, recently licensed medications from DCGI are being used to treat cancer patients. 
  1. Advanced equipment: All standard and innovative treatment modalities offered at the top cancer centres, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted radiation therapy, would be therapeutic to the number of cancer patients. Additionally, it also seems to offer minimally invasive or non-invasive surgical procedures, such Cyberknife therapy. The facility would be advanced with all the modern technology and complex equipment required to give cancer patients the finest care possible. 

Apart from these major factors, there are various other factors that make India one of the best countries to provide cancer treatment in the finest way possible.

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