HealthWondering how to solve types of baldness? Read this!

Wondering how to solve types of baldness? Read this!

Baldness, hair thinning, and hair loss have been common phenomena in our contemporary society. It is like a pandemic now, and many people wonder how to go about it. Many people dislike it because they state that it influences their appearance, making them look less gorgeous. Some surveys indicate that baldness normally starts to appear after age 50, but some people have started experiencing it before they are 25. However, there are several solutions to this.

Besides, hair loss is happening across the entire world, but some people have failed to differentiate it from seasonal hair fall; before they realize the intensity is increasing rapidly, they are already left with substantial bald patches. Also, there has been a common observation that some people are more vulnerable to baldness due to their gender, race, and geographical location. For instance, people in western regions tend to experience a higher rate of baldness than those from Asian counties. Regarding gender, men have depicted a higher degree of experiencing early baldness than women. Therefore, to understand this scourge, you need to be aware of the types of male pattern baldness, its symptoms, and the types of treatment options available in the market.

 Types of baldness

It has been confirmed that it is normal for someone to lose an average of 100 to 120 hair strands in a day; when it exceeds that, you will now be experiencing hair loss. The hair is always in constant regrowth, so when the old strands fall off, the new ones regrow. Therefore, one starts to experience baldness when the rate of hair fall increases in that it is not replaced by the regrows, thus leaving a visible scalp daily, and by the time one realizes they already have a bald scalp. However, numerous factors could cause baldness, but the most common ones are hormones, environmental damage, living an unhealthy lifestyle, and genes, among other factors.

It is easy to understand your type of baldness because each pattern points to a particular cause. Therefore, it is easy to understand the appropriate diagnosis before even looking for treatment options by observing your pattern. Thus below are some of the most common baldness types

· Gradual hair thinning on top of the head

Many people start experiencing hair fall due to the thinning effect. Thus, one might start having hair thinning on top of their head and with no time because they never applied preventive measures; they already have a bald spot on that region.

· Baldness above the crown

This is also among the most common in that some people start experiencing hair loss in circular patches above the crown. This baldness is associated mostly with an infection due to one experiencing a certain disease for a long time. Besides, some are painful and require immediate attention, and some are painless.

· Bald patches all over the head

Sometimes, one has left their baldness untreated for a long time, and now its intensity has increased and spread through the entire head. However, this is associated with infections; the most common is ringworm, and many people experiencing it have stated that it is relatively painful. The affected regions feel sore to the touch, and they are swelled.

· Medical hair loss

There are some people who, after experiencing a particular disease for a long time, they start experiencing hair fall. The most common illnesses are cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and anemia. Besides, this type of hair fall can still be treated with medication after treating the disease that triggered it.

 How do I know my baldness type?

To get the appropriate medication, one must understand their baldness types. Therefore to understand yours during the diagnosis process, you can inquire from your healthcare provider. Also, you can research the symptoms and causes, and you will be able to know.

 Solution to baldness

Since there are different factors causing baldness, there are also different solutions to it, but the most common ones are

1. Medications

There are several medications, but minoxidil is the best for both men and women and is known for hair regrowth. Finasteride is another alternative that functions well for men, and the women’s alternative is spironolactone since it slows down the dihydrotestosterone in women, thus effectively controlling female pattern baldness.

2. Surgical hair treatment

This involves one visiting their healthcare provider. The two most practical surgical procedures are the hair transplant, which entails the doctor taking hair strands from the donor and moving it to the areas that have been affected by baldness to stimulate hair regrowth. The other is PRP therapy, which entails taking plasms from one person’s blood and inserting them into the person who needs to regrow their hair.

3. Non-surgical hair replacement systems

The above methods are relatively expensive; if one cannot afford them, these are the alternative methods that are more effective and affordable. This method entails using full wigs that provide coverage to the entire scalp and toupees for covering some specific regions that are affected in the scalp. Besides, they are very practical as one will still retain their hair color, texture, and length; thus, it is difficult to tell if that’s not their natural hair. Another best alternative for women is hair extension which adds extra volume and length to their hair.


As much as people love their hair, it is essential that they take good care of it if they want it to last longer and remain healthy. There are different types of baldness; understanding the one that’s affecting you is mandatory for you to undergo the appropriate treatment plan. Then if one notices they are experiencing hair loss, it is easy to seek medication earlier before it escalates and becomes a major issue.

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