HealthAlcohol And Heart Health: Truths & Myths

Alcohol And Heart Health: Truths & Myths


The entire concept of alcohol has a highly complex relationship!

One day, we always hear how having red wine is an antioxidant, and there are so many health benefits for people who wish to lose weight.

Having one glass of wine every day is great for your health as well!

However, if that red wine only turns into a bottle or two a day, it becomes an addiction.

Now, it is incredibly unhealthy for your heart.

So, what should we believe and what should we not?

This is tricky!

Some studies have shown that moderate alcohol intake may help to lower the risk of dying from heart disease. 

However, it is difficult to identify the cause and effect on the heart from these studies. 

Recent studies have shown that alcohol consumption can increase the risk of heart disease. However, there is some evidence to suggest that moderate drinking may protect people from heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

Alcohol can have a wide range of effects on the body. There are purported benefits and pitfalls to alcohol consumption. 

Here is everything that happens to your heart the moment alcohol enters your system!

It causes physiological effects in your brain first! As commented by well-known drug rehab in New York by Ascendant.

The liver and heart are the first two organs that have the first blow!

Over time, these changes can lead to long-term health complications if you drink too much.

When Drinking Is Too Much Drinking

Some people believe that moderate drinking is good for your heart, while others debate the benefits. For most people, however, it doesn’t seem to be bad for the heart — but the keyword is “in moderation.” 

In moderation, drinking is basically the standardized, average alcohol that someone can consume.  

– For women one drink per day, &

– For a man, one or two drinks per day. 

One drink could be a small amount!

However, If you have heart rhythm abnormalities or heart failure, you should not drink at all.

Here Are Some Of The Facts & Myths Which Are Associated with Alcohol & Heart

According to experts, these are alcohol and heart facts that you should be aware of when it comes to the excessive use of alcohol. 

1. It Can Weaken Your Heart Muscle

The heart plays an important role in getting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

But, we all learned this in Biology!

The heart is able to achieve this by generating pressure on blood to circulate all around the system, ensuring that blood flows in only one direction. 

The force of contraction of the heart is adjusted according to the needs of the body. The heart’s anatomy is complex, but the heart’s capability to contract according to the body’s needs is due to the muscle layer in the wall of the heart.

With daily alcohol consumption, they cannot hold that strength, and the muscle weakens, leading to irregular contractions and less oxygen flow to the body. 

2. Blood Pressure Increase

Alcohol-related hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects about 17% of the population. 

The CDC says that about half of adults in the United States have high blood pressure from a very early age because of the constant consumption of alcohol or are taking blood pressure medications.

Early high blood pressure, in general, does not cause any significant symptoms.

However, with time and the constant consumption of daily alcohol, it can be the cause of damaged arteries, brain, kidneys, and heart. 

If a high pressure under the influence of alcohol is not treated, it can even lead to a heart attack.

3. Increased Rate Of Heart

As you all know, heart rate is the number of heartbeats per minute!

However, how it is to the consumption of alcohol is what we have to know.

Alcohol can cause heart rate variability, the time between heartbeats. 

Studies have shown that frequent alcohol consumption can cause episodes of tachycardia. This is where you have a very rapidly increased heart rate because of the issues with the electrical signals that can cause the heart to beat.

Complications associated with daily episodes of tachycardia vary in frequency, duration, and severity.

However, they can cause blood clots-

Which can again lead to a heart attack!

4. Chances Of Heart Attack

Your heart muscle needs oxygen!

Oxygen to keep the heart pumping and essentially keep you alive!

A heart attack is caused when arteries that supply oxygen to the heart muscle are completely blocked or diminished, which prevents our heart muscles from getting the oxygen.

The regular buildup of fat, plaque, and cholesterol can also lead to stenosis of the coronary arteries and can eventually block blood flow to the heart.

5. Beginning Of Irregular Heart Beat

Do you know what the changes in the rhythm of the heart are called?

They are called arrhythmias. 

Arrhythmias are an occurrence with an irregularity in the heart’s electrical system. It can be caused by signals, abnormal pathways, blockades, drugs, and irritants. 

If you do not know what each scientifically does, you do not have to. Just know that

These sudden cardiac rhythm disorders are induced by regular alcohol use, and they are dangerous.

6. Stroke From Heart Disease

Drinking alcohol can elevate the chances of stroke.

Although it is not directly related to any heart disease, the lack of oxygen flow within the system because of other issues could lead to delayed oxygen processing in the brain.

It leads to impaired blood flow to the brain tissue. Plus, it can lead to loss of sensory and motor skills. 

A stroke can also damage other body systems, including the skeletal, respiratory, digestive, muscular, and urinary systems.

All in all, neither of these could be good for your mental health issues.

Say No To Alcohol!

One glass of alcohol a day is not a big deal!

However, there are certain circumstances where you absolutely shouldn’t touch alcohol.

Especially people who are prone to addiction or have hereditary cardiovascular diseases etc.

It is your duty to protect yourself from the clutches of addiction. 

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