HealthAll You Need to Know about Dentures

All You Need to Know about Dentures

A person who does not have multiple teeth can go for dentures. Dentures are an effective tooth replacement option that will give you a natural look. Dentures are customized according to the size of the mouth. It is made up of removable prosthetic appliances with full or partial dentures in Medford. No two sets of dentures can be identical, as it depends on the replacement place. 

A lot of reasons are detected and noticed of missing teeth. Generally the dentists or family dentist Medford suggests the best option of replacement by understanding the importance of the case. Dentures are indeed an ideal choice of tooth replacement. Let us know about denture reline service in detail.

  • Natural Look

People who have lost their glowing smile due to tooth missing can go ahead for dentures. There is a saying that artificial can never replace natural. But with dentures, you can get that natural look on your face which you were missing due to tooth loss. Full and partial dentures Medford gives you the natural look like never before.

  • For all age groups

There are a lot of reasons for tooth fall. From the advanced stages of tooth decay to some physical injuries, tooth fall can happen in many cases. However, there are no age criteria for getting dentures. Missing teeth can happen to anybody, hence dentures are also for everyone who is facing the issue. 

Some kinds of dentures are used as per the situation of the patient. A professional or qualified family dentist Medford can suggest the best dentures for you. This depends on the budget and missing teeth of the patient.

  • Full dentures

Full dentures are made for replacing all of the teeth in the lower and upper jaw. Before creating full dentures all existing teeth need to be removed. An option of removable dentures Medford is also offered. Full dentures are also divided into two categories ie. conventional and immediate dentures.

Conventional full dentures are not inserted immediately after removing all the existing teeth. First measurements are taken for creating dentures to fit in the patient’s mouth. People generally don’t prefer this one as it requires a long time without teeth.

Immediate full dentures are inserted immediately after removing teeth. Hence, patients need not wait for a long time without teeth. These dentures need to be aligned after some months. The bones and gums need time to settle down and get healed.

  • Partial dentures

As the name suggests partial dentures are applied when a particular section of teeth is missing. They rest on a metal framework attached to the existing teeth. They take support of existing teeth for making artificial teeth settle down. Generally, dentists place crowns on surrounding teeth to provide support. These act as supportive anchors for the dentures.

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Implant-supported dentures

This is a technologically advanced version of a tooth implant. These kinds of dentures give patients a more secure smile. The dentures here are attached to all 4 dental implants These titanium posts are surgically implanted into your jaw. These function as artificial tooth roots. These technologically advanced dentures are more comfortable than traditional dentures.

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