HealthBalancing Doshas with Thailam - Top Tips

Balancing Doshas with Thailam – Top Tips

A lot has been spoken about Ayurveda and its magical way to heal the human body from any problems. You must have heard about the benefits of using Ayurvedic products and medicines or have tried and tested a few. But have you ever used herbal oils to treat any medical condition in your body?

Thailam or ayurvedic oils are used to massage different parts of the body to relieve pain and treat skin or hair-related problems. The science of Ayurveda believes that the body is created of various natural elements. And when a person suffers from a health condition, it is due to the imbalance of doshas that causes them.

What are the three doshas and their significance?

The three doshas or the Tridoshas are the primary energy sources in the body: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. They collectively play an important role in driving your body and its behavior.

Each of them is responsible for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. The body consists of all three doshas, but in most cases, any one or a combination of two doshas are more dominant than the remaining others.

The combination of doshas in your body creates your blueprint called the Prakriti, which defines your body, mind, and emotional conditions.

Vatta is known to be the most dominant dosha. It is a combination of air and space which dominates the nerve impulse, movement, and energy levels of your body.

Pitta is a combination of two diverse natural elements in the universe: fire and water. This dosha is responsible for controlling your hormones. It is also responsible for your digestion and metabolism. So, what you eat can have a lot to do with the balance and imbalance of Pitta.

Kapha, the third and very important dosha, is dominated by the combination of earth and water. Your body strength, weight, immunity, and other factors depend on Kapha.

How does Thailam have an impact on the doshas?

Herbal oils or Thailams are pretty popular in Ayurveda because of their healing properties. You’ll come across a variety of herbal oils made for treating specific conditions. The Dhanwantharam Thailam, Karpooradi, Ksheerabalam Sahacharadi, Kottamchukkadi, Balaswagandhadi are amongst the most popular herbal oils. An Ayurvedic expert can tell you the correct method, time, and duration to massage respective oils in particular parts of your body to correct the doshas.

The Ayurvedic oils consist of rare medical herbs that impact your body. Some have a heating effect, and others have a cooling effect on your body. Different oils have to be heated at defined temperatures and massaged for a particular duration to see their impact.

Ayurvedic products have a long-term effect on your body and life. They have a gradual impact on your body, but once you start getting results, you wouldn’t want to replace the products and switch to modern medication.

You find the best ayurvedic herbs in India, which also is the land of Ayurveda origin. To find the best Ayurvedic products, you should prefer buying from any Indian store. When you buy any herbal products, it has details of how much and how to use the product. You can further consult an expert to achieve the best results using Ayurvedic products.

So, if you wish to find platforms online to get authentic herbal products, look for registered platforms with positive customer feedback. You’ll also find certified FDA products to ensure confidence in what you buy.

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